Adding a FREE Dining Option after Reseration

I just purchased a MYW for 3 without the free DDP.
No big deal BUT if it came available can I add it to my reservations?

Are you asking if you can change your reservation to add the free dining package? You can, and assuming that the free dining package becomes available for your timeframe, you would have to upgrade to park hoppers to qualify for the free dining package.

I hope I understood your question. If not, let me know. :slight_smile:

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My package includes the hotel (Contemporary, theme park) and the
park hoppers. Free dining is free dining. I have hopes it will be available again but I guess it’s not necessary… Thanks ewansmom

Rooms allotted for each resort available for the offer are limited. It may be offered at your resort but a room with that discount may not be available for you to swap your reservation to. Just keep that in mind.

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The likelihood of free dining being available again this year is slim to none. My feeling is that the free dining offer will continue to dwindle to fewer and fewer dates and will disappear altogether at some point.

Thankyou everyone … I do appreciate it…

If you booked your hotel at a discount, to transfer to a package with free dining will likely cause your package/room rate to go to the non-discounted rate. So you’d have to see if it makes financial sense for you to change to the “Free” dining.

Thanks adamwsh…Ive been making ALOT of ADR’s and it makes sense to just add the DDP.

Agreed with @adamwsh. at the Deluxe resorts - the better discount is the room discount. Personally - I wouldn’t get the dining plan - unless you plan to do a lot of character meals. I have found it just isn’t worth it and you always think “am I making it work”

Thanks Tigger613 :grin:

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