Adding a day to Undercover Tourist tickets

From what I understand there is no issue adding a day during your trip Undercover Tourist tickets, correct?

Is it the same as Disney where you have to enter the park, but not have used up the whole ticket? Does the “bridge”/upgrade price work the same way? You’re only paying the different between the Universal sold ticket price, not your discount price?

UT is offering a 2 day Universal Ticket with a day free. That doesn’t complicate anything does it?

We did a buy 2 get 1 free for Universal and had no problems. Our tickets were even further restricted by dates - still no issue. My suggestion is buy what you think you will use. 3 days should be PLENTY IMHO. If you aren’t staying on site - you should seriously consider it.

Thanks for the info @davidtyost. We are staying onsite (with EP). First day is a travel day, so really only like 1/2 a day, if that. Day #2 is a full day, Day #3 is a full day. The next day we were driving to the beach. So I thought we might want to spend the morning hitting our favorites again. Boys are 3 and 6 (6 is 48 inches tall). We are planning breaks/naps each day. We’ve never been (I went in the 90s)…so any advice would be appreicated!

@signusup that is very similar to what we did. We arrived at midnight and slept in just a bit. Day “1” Universal - but done by 6 and ate dinner at resort. Day “2” IOA and took a break - but done by 5 and went to the pool and ate dinner there. Day 3 did “all our favorites” again in either park and were done by 12 ish and left for WDW. Perfect amount of time

Do either of you have an opinion on whether to do WDW or Universal first?

we did Univeral First but had wanted to do it last. I wish we had done it last for a few reasons.

1 - It was less hectic so it would have been nice to finish off a bit more relaxed.
2 - The hotel we stayed at at US was SO MUCH NICER it was hard going from Portafino to the Swan

Either way is fine though - we did US first as it was less expensive week.