Adding a day to tickets

We recently bought 2 day base tickets for our trip in November. We’re now thinking about adding a 3rd park day. Looking on the app to add an additional day costs $70 more then just adding a single day ticket for our family of 4. I did buy the tickets thru Undercover Tourist before the recent price increase. I wonder why the discrepancy. Is Disney charging me more for the upgrade because we paid less for the initial tickets? If that’s the case, can I have multiple tickets assigned to my My Disney account?(the 1-day ticket and the 2-day ticket) To save $70 I’d rather just buy an additional single day for each person. Thanks for any help or insight!

Are you saying that adding 4 third days, cost $70 more than buying 4 single day tickets?

Something is wrong here. It should be about ~80 for the upgrade, versus like ~130 for a single day ticket (depending on the day you go).

So, adding a single day ticket would cost you about $60 more per ticket than adding a third day.

Yes, adding 4 third days will cost $70 more then if I just buy four additional 1 day tickets. It isn’t making sense either. I’m assuming Disney is making me pay the price difference for the ticket and the upgrade seeing as I paid a lower price before the recent increase.

No. That shouldn’t be. The tickets from UT would not be that different. I would call Disney directly and get this resolved.