Adding 1 person on to existing dining reservations?

We may have 1 extra person joining us for some of our dining reservations (will know for certain in a couple days). Is it possible to add them on to my existing reservations, or do I have to pray for availability similar to the reservations that I have now?
We are currently a party of 5, so I would think we would have to be at tables that will accommodate 6 total.

If it helps, when we have shown up with an extra person (to complete a pair, like reservation for 5 and 6 show up) at the restaurant we have not had any problems or delays in getting seated.


I would phone and see if they can add someone.

Although you are correct in that you would be seated at a table for 6 anyway, the restaurants have a maximum seating capacity which they cannot exceed legally. Which is why infants need to be included in dining reservations. So although it may not be an issue, it might be.

Agree! Call! I called this morning because I could get a brunch reservation at BOG for 4, but there are 5 of us. There were openings for one more person only 5 minutes for us! So, now we have two reservations, one for 4 and one for 1. I’m so thankful it worked out!

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