Addicted to Reservation Finder?

Getting those texts that say that a reservation has been found is exhilarating. Thanks to the reservation finder, I’ve gotten all my needed ADRs for this trip within 10 min of my preferred time, so now I don’t need the reservation finder anymore. I rearranged my entire plan about 120 days out when I booked airfare and added 2 park days to our trip on arrival and departure days so there were quite a few that I needed to find.

Almost want to use the reservation finder for ADRs I don’t even need, just because (I won’t of course). The thrill is in the chase, I guess. Is it just me?


Definitely not just you!! I find myself checking FPP availability sometimes just for fun and enjoy getting the ones I really want!


This is so me! I swear the closer our trip gets, I just keep deciding that I absolutely have to have harder to get reservations. I booked our last trip within 180 days and was almost excited to have to find all the reservations that I wanted! It really is so exciting to find the time you want. I think I have a problem!