Add Universal Parks to Disney Dashboard?

I’m having a really hard time figuring out, how to add IOA & USF to my Disney World Trip.

I’m going on a 3 week trip and i will be jumping back and forth trough the parks, so there is no 1 week disney, then 1 week Universal kind of situation. It’s happening all at once! :slight_smile:

I would really appreciate that i can use 1 dashboard for all parks. Is that even possible?

Nope. You need a separate dashboard. It’s not that difficult to keep track of, you can add a note to your Disney dashboard to say you’re at Universal on that day (now I’m writing this I’m second guessing myself but I’m sure this is what I do!) and then over on your Universal dashboard you can have your touring plan for the day.

ETA ok I just checked my dashboard and yes you can put a note in the main body, I thought that was what I had done.

Thank you!

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What dashboard are you talking about? When I log onto Touring Plan this is what I see:

In December I am doing a Universal/Disney trip. I can click on the days I want to see and any touring Plans I create will be there. In the app I have to go to each app (although I think I can do that through the homepage of each app?).

What I mean is that where on the left you have 2 separate trips on consecutive dates for WDW and UOR, if you are doing 2 weeks - or 3 for the OP - but you are doing alternate days, you can’t just have 1 trip that is WDW and UOR where you can have all your touring plans. A trip has to be one or the other.

So last time I went 5-19 August, but I was at UOR 8-9, 15 and 17 Aug. I had 1 WDW trip with all dates, WDW plans, and notes on those days that I was at UOR. And I had a UOR trip that was just 8-17 Aug and only had plans for the 4 days I was there.

No, I would set up each day or group of days. My upcoming trip doesn’t show my cruise between my wdw days, only my spreadsheet shows that :grinning:

I got two identical trips now. Not very convenient, but it will get the job done!


Exactly, so the question is can you do it as one trip and the answer is no. But it would be more convenient if you could.

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