Add Universal Orlando Plans to a Trip

I have a trip saved and can add plans to it for HS, MK and EPCOT but not for Universal Studios or IOA. I have a dinner reservation at Antojito’s (CityWalk) but can’t add it to a plan. I’m not sure if I’m doing something wrong or if I need a separate trip for Universal Orlando. HELP!

You have to set up a separate trip for universal.


Thank you. I couldn’t add a dinner reservation either. I’m going to UO one day to two parks using express passes and park-to-park tickets. I could not create one plan for both parks or add a dinner reservation at CityWalk. Is this how it’s supposed to work?

When using TP for Universal you have to make individual plans for each park. If I am park hopping I put a “Break” after the step when I exit. Then I start my plan for the pther park at that time in the Settings.

Here’s an example from an upcoming trip. I want to start the day at Islands of Adventure going to Universal Studios around 10am. I am taking the Hogwarts Express, so I have used that as my last step. However, I could use a restaurant like Croissant Moon bakery to approximate the walking time to the front of the park if I wanted to leave that way…

Then I leave USF around mid-day…

If I wanted to bounce back to USF I could either make a third plan OR insert a “Break” of 300+ minutes after the Hogwarts Express step. Then the next step being the next set of attractions…

I hope that helps! Please ask anything. I know it’s confusing!!


Yes that’s how it works. You need to make a note on the dashboard or within the plan if you’re eating outside the parks.


Thank you. This helps a great deal!

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