Add item on touring plan after park closing?

In early May we’ll be seeing HEA midweek; the fireworks start at the park’s official closing time. After the fireworks, I’d like to shop for a little while to let the crowds clear out. I’m hoping a half hour or so should do it. When I try to add that into my touring plan as a “break,” the plan software complains that it’s scheduled outside of park hours and it won’t let me evaluate or optimize until I delete the break. I am confident that WDW is happy for you to shop for about an hour after the park closes.

Is there a way to get the software to accept an item that’s outside of the park’s hours?

Not sure. But why do you need it on your touring plan? It won’t affect the rest of the plan at all, since all attractions etc will be before park closing time.

I would just leave it off.


You don’t need to add it. You know you’ll be doing it and it won’t impact the rest of your night as the night will be done thereafter.

If you want to remind yourself, put a note in the spot for HEA. But it’s unlikely you’d forget :wink:


Oh, you underestimate my powers of forgetfulness :slight_smile:

I’m planning the trip for the whole party (3 adults, 2 kids) and want to share the TPs to let the other adults know what to expect. And I’m really forgetful :wink:

My HEA note is full of viewing spot tips; I’ll put a note in the plan summary.

Thanks guys.


Well my hat’s off to you if you can walk down main street past the emporium the whole way and forget that you wanted to stop in LOL


I have the opposite problem, my budget doesn’t want me to stop in but I can’t walk past :joy:




Too funny :smile:

I feel like I’ve packed so many attractions into our plan, we don’t have enough time for shopping. Though our bank account will certainly thank us if that turns out to be the case!


I know the feeling. Worse, even, because I’d seen a fantastic Tiki Room dress (with pockets!!!) earlier in the week that I knew I needed to stop to check out/try on/etc. before leaving, because it was calling to me. Not really in the budget, and yes, it came home with me. LOL.


You know, I was mad about them adding the resort parking fee…but as I think of it, this idea that Disney has the audacity to DESTROY the budgets of well-meaning American tourists (not to mention NON-American tourists!) by keeping their shops open past closing time. I mean, the parks are CLOSED. The stores should be locked up tight so as to protect the pocketbooks of their guests. Doing otherwise clearly demonstrates unadulterated greed. Sure. Take our money, but don’t let us ride.

So I propose two solutions. One: Disney never closes, so that there is equal opportunity for ride fun as well as shopping. Or two, Disney closes EVERYTHING exactly at closing time.

Who’s with me? I say it is time to rise up and FIGHT!


Oh, I think I’m going to let you fight this one alone. I mean really, after IllumiNations is the perfect time to storm MouseGear and get all of the wonderful things, without sacrificing attraction time.

Hey, I know it’s killing my budget. But I’d rather kill my budget when I can’t be riding rides or seeing shows, rather than missing out on attraction time. :stuck_out_tongue:


I see you’ve been tempted by the dark side of the Force…but your Jedi mind tricks won’t work on me!

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I’m afraid to say that I’m with MouseGirl42 on this one. If that means I’m courting the dark side… well, in the words of Darth Vader, if you only knew the power of the dark side!



I’m pretty sure you can edit the park hours. Just change closing to an hour later but not the real closing time somewhere on your plan so you don’t fo

The park hours were just extended, so I can easily just add a break into my TP. Yay!