Add FPP in app while in park?

I’m mostly ready for our first WDW trip. While I was modifying some of my TP tonight, it occurred to me, what happens when I get a 4th/5th, etc. FPP. Do I need/am I able to add them on the fly in the app, or I just go and optimize after? Even though I feel pretty prepared, using the app in park is what I am kind of concerned about at this point. does it address what I am thinking and/or how do you use the app while on the go for these kinds of things?

Yes. You can add other FPPs to your TPs right on the app itself and then re-optimize if you would like. I’ve never run into any issues using the app in the park, and I refresh it often as I go.

Usually, though, by the time I am obtaining a fourth or fifth FPP I’ve pretty much done everything on my TPs so I don’t worry about adding them at that point and just wing it. I guess it might depend just how early you get your fourth and fifth FPPs.

I hope this helps.

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