Add a day?

We’re arriving in Orlando on Monday, leaving on Saturday, and we have 5-day tickets. But our arriving flight was just changed from a 1:00 pm arrival time to a 9:00 am arrival time. We’ll need to be at the airport for our departing flight around 4:00 pm.

I’m trying to decide if I should see about adding a day to our park tickets, so we can get into a park on both our arrival day and departure day. Traveling in January, so spending the day at the pool is iffy. We do have park hopper.


Enablers abound on these forums!

It doesn’t cost a whole lot more to add day 6 on, so it seems worth it if you feel you can get enough in-park time on that extra day.

The other possibility is to go to Disney Springs, or maybe checkout Hoop-Dee-Do Revue or something like that.

With a 9 am arrival, though, adding a park day kind of makes the most sense. You won’t have access to your room until later…so why not spend it in a park! :slight_smile:


I would add a park day if it were me, but I also note that …


Assuming this is post park reservations, could you just play it by ear? Meaning, stick with the 5-day tickets that you already have and plan to go to the parks on arrival day. You can always extend the tickets to the 6 day mid trip at guest services, just has to be before you use your last ticket.

That way, if for some reason you change your mind before or during arrival day, you aren’t stuck with the extra ticket.

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That’s a perfect idea. I didn’t realize this could be done. We’re Disney novices!

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I came here to just say “yes, add the day” without even needing to read the context of the OP. Always. add. the. day. if you are in the World and have the means.