Actual Entry Times for EE

Can anyone confirm current EE tapstile entry times… this is what I think it is based on reading LOTS of posts…

Magic Kingdom Park Open 0900:
EE Starts 0830
Tapstiles Open 0730 - 0745 ish and you’re held at the bridge till 0830

Epcot Park Open 1000
EE Starts 0930
Tapstiles (WS & FW) Open 0900 and you’re held

Studios Park Open 1000
EE Start 0930
Tapstiles Open 0845 and you can get online with most rides starting around 0915
0930 - 9pm"

Animal Kingdom Park Open 0900
EE Start 0830
Tapstiles Open 0800 and you’re held at the Pandora bridge till 0830