Activating Military Vouchers

We purchased the Military Salute tickets for our upcoming trip. We’ve added them to our MDE, but I understand that we need to activate them once we get there.

Would anyone happen to know if we have to go to one of the parks to activate them or can they be activated at another location such as our hotel?

If we do have to go to a park, are the box offices open well before RD so that we can be in line early? Or would it be better to take care of this beforehand on one of our non-park days? (We’re not planning on going to a park on our arrival day, so we could possibly arrange to do it then. But I’d rather not have to include a trip to the park just to visit the box office if it isn’t necessary.)

I’ve used them only once and we activated them at guest relations at MK. It’s my understanding that they have to activated at guest relations. Check

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This is correct. I think I read somewhere that there is also a place at Disney springs but I can’t remember where. They are open early at the parks.

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Thank you so much for the link. I was able to find the information I needed.

For those who might be searching TP for this information and who run into this thread, here is the answer to the question:

Where can you activate your tickets?

Disney Armed Forces Salute Tickets can be activated at the following locations:

Walt Disney World Locations:

  • All four theme park ticket and Guest Relations windows
  • The Transportation and Ticket Center Ticket or Guest Relations windows
  • Magic Kingdom Ticket or Guest Relations windows
  • Epcot – Main Entrance or International Gateway Ticket or Guest Relations windows
  • Hollywood Studios Ticket or Guest Relations windows
  • Animal Kingdom Ticket or Guest Relations windows
  • Both Water Parks
  • Typhoon Lagoon
  • Blizzard Beach
  • Disney Springs Shopping and Entertainment Area (formerly Downtown Disney)
  • Disney Springs Guest Relations locations

Note: All of these locations are not mentioned on the back of the exchange vouchers, but you can activate tickets at all of the above locations!

The above is located at

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I was just informed by Shades of Green today that they do not need to be activated. You can take them directly to the gates.

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Our first day was a non-park day. We ate at 1900 Park Fare at the Grand Floridian. We rode the monorial to the TTC and had them activated then. They were ready for park entry the next day. We had them link to our MDE way before the 60 day time line so that we could do FP+.

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That’s onlyl if you buy them from SOG. My came from the military base at Ft. Knox and had to be activated prior.

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What are military vouchers?

I see. I didn’t know. We are not staying there but the tickets you buy there do not have to be activated. We are staying at Boardwalk. They are sending our tickets fed ex. Win Win… for planning your next trip.

Very discounted military tickets you can get through your base or Shades of Green resort at WDW. Active, Reserve and Retired are eligible and the sponsor must be one of the people using the tickets.

If you are traveling to WDW with a disabled veteran, guest relations can also help you with the DAS process when you activate your ticket vouchers. It’s also attached to your magic band and works like a “return time” ticket for attractions (not a FP+). My wife’s knees and ankles can’t handle long periods of standing still/relatively still, ie. long lines, due to the years of 50+ lb. ruck sack marches and deployments. It also helps with her “crowds” issues to be able to sit off to the side and wait for our time to ride rather than going through the queue. Seemingly, “no exit” possibilities when in a queue sometimes cause her major anxiety. The DAS helps with this tremendously as we don’t have to go through the queue but rather wait outside the attraction until our return time.