"Activate" Memory Maker for share?

I am leading a MM share for the first (and only) time. I understand the 30 day window for photo capture, and the 45 day window for photo expiration, but I am hoping for some guidance on activation. My dates began on 9/5, and our last person returns 10/2. I just returned from my trip, and now I am waiting for the rest of the groups to complete theirs. When I look at the photos online, they all still have the watermark. When I click on an individual photo, I am given the option to activate.

Should I have already done this? What dates does this activate? Does it give me 30 days beginning with the date of the picture that I am on when I activate, or 30 days from when I activate and I lose all pictures before that?

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Activation begins the 30 day window for downloading your photos. You could activate the MM now and start downloading photos, as the last person returns 10/2, so you would still have nearly a week after they return to finish downloading. Or you can wait until they return to activate and download all, really personal preference. No photos are lost unless you go past their 45 day expiration.

The 30 day window for photo capture isn’t correct - in theory you could have 75 days for photo capture if you waited until the first photos are about to expire at 45 days, then you could continue capturing photos during the 30 days after activation. Cutting it too close of course, as sometimes downloads don’t go smoothly.

I thought I understood all of it, but was surprised by the “activate” button. Thank you for the clarification.

I had the same question today so thanks for the thread!

Just following along for any more helpful info that might come about.

It’s really 2 seperate things. Photos stay out there 45 days from when they were taken. As long as you purchased memory maker 3 days before you went you can download all the photos.

The 30 day window for MM starts when you download your 1st picture. You can then download any photo in your photo pass at that point and any photos out there for next 30 days.

As someone said above, memory maker could technically span 75 days for taking and downloading photos.

Buy memory maker August 28.

Take 1st photos in park on Sept 1st and take photos every day from then on.

The 1st photos are out there till approximately Oct 15th on Photopass.

Activate memory maker on October 15th and download 45 days worth of photos on Oct 15th.

Keep taking pics in parks through Nov 14th.

Download those photos each day you take them and you could technically download photos from Sept 1st through Nov 14th as memory maker gives you 30 days to download ANY photos in your photo pass.

Most people don’t do this because you have no buffer to download photos before they expire and you have to do things on those specific dates.