Achievement Badge Ideas

Throw your ideas out here for new achievement badges (to be used on Merch, NOT as addons to official forum software).

2 Rules as of now:

  1. They need to be TP-centric somehow
  2. Family Friendly

Annnnd go.

Example of Previous Badges (that don’t really work in their current form, so re-imagining of these is fine)
BatuuBound StarTours DisneyAtDawn Falcon Mountaineer

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MovieReferenceQUESTIONABLE MovieReferenceGOOD MovieReferenceBAD ThankYOU MickeyIceCream ImOnABoat BoardingGroup DadJokes EavesDropper ShhhTimeToStop NoticedADetail MickeyPretzel CaptainObvious Poutine TripBEGIN TripEND Snobby ThroughTheGate BrainBIG BrainSMALL LateNightCoffee OneParkOneDay SacredSpaces TWSS DampDodger MagicalExpress TragicalExpress FestivalOfTheArts ParkHopper BatuuMilk AutocorrectNailedit AutocorrectThanks AutocorrectWhy AutocorrectStop AutocorrectDumbAddition MickeyWaffle DoleWhip MickeyCookie FlightOfPassage HauntedMansion FrozenEverAfter RiseOfTheResistance WelcomeToEpcot WelcomeToMK WelcomeToHS WelcomeToAK AfterDarkMAGICKINGDOM AfterDarkHOLLYWOODSTUDIOS AfterDarkEpcot AfterDarkANIMALKINGDOM PandoraAtNight WingsOfWonder Skyliner POTC FailedAtTheFunny UnBirthdayDrink Derailment Butthurt YouMadBro IdentityTheft CrapIsThatMyBus 1000posts MickeyIceCream FestivalOfTheArtsUntitled 2000posts
50KSteppinTime 25KSteppinTime FoodAndWine LinerMeet LinerPhoto Stalker SteppinTime privileged

DisneyAtDawnHS DisneyAtDawnAK

EarlyRiser Beks1 dethroned forumdahling heartfailure

Scrap_PowerAndControl Scrap_ElementalNature Scrap_PeaceAndJustice Scrap_ProtectionAndDefense


My suggestion is to have the TP logo, and then the Big Brain Moves attached to it (as mentioned in the other thread).


Rough Ideas:
Didn’t waste the day in lines
Plan Complete
Strategic Ride Coordinator


Oh. I just realized that the existing “Successful Trip” badge might work as well. (I personally like the Big Brain Moves idea better as it ties to TP…but the idea that TP would cause you to have a successful trip applies as well.)

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we’re not limited to 1 badge, we can make as many as we want, with as many variations as we want.


Here is a lay man’s version of what I’m envisioning. (My Gimp skills are rather limited.)


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ohhhhh ho hohohohoho this is dangerous :rofl:


I was thinking maybe make two columns of the badges on a shirt with touringplans logo top center. You could even do it with check marks next to some of the badges like they are checked off a list.

What about the logo on the top center and then a “sash” like the wilderness explorer sash where you can pick the badges you want (up to 5 or 6 or whatever). The sash would just be part of the shirt, not like an actual sash.


Not these little badges but like one badge would take the space of 6-9 of these


Touring plan logo symbol on badge- “vacation optimized”


Join the Boy Scouts or Girl Scouts. :rofl:

Don’t mind me, just dropping off some new badges… :slight_smile:

For when you get your empty bus, or something else VIP-esque happens to you.

For when the report followers get a lil’ stalkerish :slight_smile: (obviously this is a snarky one)


Kick your knees up
SteppinTime 25KSteppinTime
never need a reason, never need a rhyme… 50KSteppinTime

Y’know…to get dem steps in!

LinerMeet LinerPhoto
For your Liner meetups!


Do you have a badge for using ALL the badges??? I didn’t realise there were so many!! :rofl:

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Mmm nothing specific. I think the “Successful Trip” one is probably the closestTripEND

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But we still can’t award them, can we?? Isn’t that a privilege left only to BadgeMaster and the Tinks?

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Award them to others beyond yourself? No, can’t do that. Even I can’t do that, I’m always requesting help with that (Again, huge thanks to the Tinks :slight_smile: ).

But you can use them among your own posts. I put them here so they can be quoted/copied to be used in your reports. Most of them are designed to be posted and used by the reporter, anyway.


I guess I didn’t realize we had been given that go-ahead!

Cool! :sunglasses:

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Love the new additions, particularly the Steppin’ Time ones. You seem to be missing Disney at Dawn or whatever the one is you kindly granted me when my kids had me up before sunrise….

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annnd we’re fixing…DisneyAtDawnHS DisneyAtDawnAK

Some of the others were custom… wasn’t sure if it’d be a good idea to let just anybody use’m :slight_smile: but sure why not?
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