Accuracy of wait times?

I’m going to Disneyworld a different week this year, and the crowd index is rather low. That being said, wait times still seem much lower in touring plans than what I’m used to. For instance, a 5 day at Magic Kingdom has Mine Train being a 33 minute wait around 10:30 am. Is this realistic? They all seem very low to me. Thanks in advance!!

We have found that if you follow the plans, USUALLY your wait times will be lower than stated. There are obviously mishaps but we have had several full days planned and been able to accomplish them in record time thanks to the plans. I will say, download the app before you go and you can optimize your plan accordingly as your day goes on. This will drastically improve all your wait times.

Thanks for the information! Very excited for our visit if these wait times are correct!!

Hi Jeremy!! What app are you referring to? We use the WDW app for our wait times and fast pass planning, is that the one you are referencing. Thanks again for the info!!

WDW app shows posted wait times at each attraction. Touring Plans app shows expected wait times based on their models and are generally more accurate that posted wait times. In addition, WDW will often inflate posted wait times on attractions to steer guests to other less busy attractions. A safe bet is to use the average of the WDW posted wait time and the TP expected wait time.

Yes, sorry, I should have clarified! We use the Lines app by Touring Plans is what I was referring to. Like Phil just pointed out, it usually has more accurate wait times and, assuming you have a subscription, you can ‘optimize’ your plans in the app throughout the day to reflect better, more accurate wait times. Again, this shaved SO much time off our day. I recommend to everyone I know going to WDW to get a subscription to Touring Plans. We renew every year! After spending so much on your WDW trip, the $13 is well worth it to be able to go in with a solid time saving plan.

Perfect, we have a subscription and just downloaded the Lines app. Thanks for the advice!!

You’re welcome! Hope you guys have a great trip!

Will do!!