Accuracy of the FP+ Availability 61 days in Advance

My FP+ 60 day window opens tomorrow. How accurate is TP’s FP+ Availability page this far out. Example: We are going to be at Epcot on September 18th. The Availability page says the earliest FP+ for Frozen is 12:45pm as of 12:55am this morning. Another round of people scheduled FP+ reservations this morning/today, so my assumption is that by 7am tomorrow the availability for Froze will likely be pushed further into the afternoon. Is this correct? I am just trying get an idea of which FP+ I want to grab at about what time . . . understanding that there are not guarantees of what will be available tomorrow.


I found the data to be accurate (within a 10-15 min window) and it helped me to understand what hour to target, so I wasn’t looking for something at 10am, when it was only available from 3pm. But, I’m also in Europe, so I was able to update my target FPs with the latest data because the 7am ET window opened.

In any case, I think it’s very helpful even if it’s not 100% accurate, so you can focus on the right timeframes. Good luck tomorrow!