Account Showing Riviera and Extra Points

I saw posts on MouseOwners regarding the DVC dashboard showing weird things but this morning I see two things I can’t explain.

  1. Riviera is listed as a home resort. I am WAY too cheap for that but I found it interesting that a tower studio was the same amount of points as a CC studio.

  2. I am showing 27 points with a December 2019 UY. My UY is August but I did lose 27 points with the closures.

Anyone else?


Man…I logged in hoping to see Riviera bonus points as a Pixie Dust Thank you for DVC members who got the polite word for screwed over for our vacations this year. :laughing::laughing:

But alas, no. My home is still my home resort and all my points are used until tomorrow when I have to cancel my December trip :sob: And reallocate 200 borrowed points into RCI points or lose them forever.

I am sorry- it was so weird to see Riviera. If I thought it was “worth” the extra 8 points I might have booked the standard studio for 25 points- but like I said, I am way too cheap with my points. (Said the woman having an internal debate of two studios vs a 2 bedroom in September)

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The accounts have been showing all kinds of home resorts that people don’t own at.

Yes I saw the reports but I didn’t know extra points and UYs were involved.

I am not showing extra points nor resorts I don’t own at as home resorts.

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I wonder if it is connected to accounts that lost points due to the closure? I can see my 2021 points when I look at details but my dashboard is showing points and UY I shouldn’t have. It also said I could apply those 27 points (but I did not).


I tried to get a 2 bedroom for this upcoming trip and I had 0 luck. So frustrating!! So I’m with you for the two studios. I wish you luck either way! :crossed_fingers:

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If you had points that were “extended”, you have been given Riviera developer points with a use year of December because those points need to be used by the end of November.

They aren’t actually Riviera points AFAIK. You need to call in order to book with them.

There is some blurb when you first log in that kinda explains it. Sorta, maybe, not really.

But if you want to use those points, call MS.

I don’t think I qualified for extended points. My 27 points were from a reservation from June 23rd (AKL). They were August UY but I was told the resort was open. The points were not there mid August because I cancelled my late September reservation and reallocated those points to April.

I looked in my point details. I don’t think they are really there. If you have one membership number do you see the details of different UYs?

My dashboard is showing my membership number with December and August UYs but that would be two different numbers- right?

Normally yes, that would be two memberships. But this isn’t normal procedure and it is what people are seeing who have been given the developer points in lieu of banked points that expired at the end of September.

The fact that you had 27 points expiring suggests this is what you’re seeing. When did you cancel the Sept ressie? You can’t (normally) re-allocate points to one in the past. Edit: oh wait, you reallocated them to next April?

The AKL reservation for June 23rd, was that at Jambo or KIdani? Wondering if it was Jambo they decided to treat you kindly, since IIRC Jambo didn’t open up right at the start.

It may be moot anyway, unless you can use them for a quick getaway.

My September reservation was 2020 points (banks and allocated to April). The 27 points were the points I lost after I cancelled my June reservation (after the resorts opened). When I cancelled they returned my borrowed points. I contacted them (via chat) and they told me absolutely no way would they extend the 27 points and they disappeared in August. I made all my changes after August 1st because I needed to see everything (my points were a mess). I guess I will try chat. They are still there this morning.

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Did you ever get an answer @PrincipalTinker?

No, I noticed chat working last night but didn’t have a chance to ask. My MDE account seems to be messed up today too (I transferred my last April tickets to my son and his girlfriend for this April but I have cancelled that. The ticket under her says nontransferable and his is gone). I will try next week.

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I did get to chat just now. Disney determined my June stay was eligible under the resort closure rules (resorts open, park was not).

They have no idea why it shows on my dashboard. I should not be able to see the points. The only way I should have access is if I try to book something between now and the end of November. They disappear December 1st.

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This is being widely reported though, that those points are viewable. But what is more interesting is that the June reservation was eligible. :heart_eyes:

Are you going to be able to use them, that’s the main question?

I had given up on those points so when they told me that I looked at them as pixie dust. I asked someone if they worked for their upcoming trip. I ended up using 18 of them.

I was so happy to use them!