Accompanying adult for kid (4 year) with Fastpass


I had a question regarding whether one of the adult parent (without a FP+ reservation) can accompany a kid (our daughter is 4 yr old) with a FP+ reservation.

For some more context, we are a family of 4 (kids are 4 and 1) visiting WDW this April. Given the tiered FP+ the attractions at Epcot, we split the fastpass between the 3 of us for the following 3 attractions at different times:

  • Soaring (Dad, 2.15 p.m.)
  • Test Track (Mom, 6.30 p.m.)
  • Frozen ever after (Kid, 5.15 p.m.)

For Soaring and Test track we plan to use ride share. The 4yr old will probably get on “Soaring”, but not on “Test Track”. Now we were wondering if we can also use RideShare for “Frozen ever after” when neither of the parents has a FP+ reservation. One of us has to accompany the little one on the ride. Will the cast members allow this?

Thanks in advance

No, you won’t be able to use the fastpass for kiddo without an adult getting one, too. Sorry.


Just FYI you’ve posted this under the Disneyland topic in the forum so it might not get as many responses under Disneyland so you’ll want to edit the category to Walt Disney World.

As for your question, to be able to use Rider Switch you’ll need to have FPPs for all riders, except for the adult staying behind who would be eligible to use the Rider Switch pass along with up to 2 other people (so your daughter can get 2 rides on something that mom & dad each take turns to ride). With your current plan, they wouldn’t issue Rider Switch for Soarin or Test Track & with Frozen Ever After even though she would have a FPP she would need someone over 14 to accompany her in the line that also has a FPP.

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I fixed the category but you’ve already had the correct advice. Except…I’m not sure if you plan for her to ride Soarin. If you do, she needs a FP for it.

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I suggest you get your daughter a FP for Soarin and all of you do Frozen 1st thing in the morning.

Won’t work… anyone who is riding needs a fast pass. Even at meet and greets in MK everyone needs the fast pass to use the line. So pick one your daughter will ride, need her and adult to have a fast pass then rope drop the other. Could FP frozen and try to get a ppo adr at garden grill to do soaring.

My 4.5 year old loved both Test Track and Soarin. They were two of his favorite rides across all the parks. I would rope drop FEA and get FP+ for one adult and the child. And then do RS. If you don’t think she will like Test Track there is the single rider line. Or the other could get the FP+ for that.