Accessing Beach Club pool

Planning a trip with a large group. One family wants to stay at Beach. Others at Boardwalk. I know you have to use your Magicband to access the pools now. Does every single person in the group need to scan or just the first of the group?

Grandparents would be staying at Boardwalk, but want to watch grand kids swim. Grand kids are staying at Beach Club. Grandparents wouldn’t even be swimming. Just watching.

Is this allowed? Possible if explained to CM perhaps?

Beach club is very strict about letting people into the pool area. In our experience, they scan all magic bands to enter the area and I think we got a wristband. You could try asking at the front desk about the grandparents joining you, but there is no guarantee that it would be allowed.


You can always switch bands if part of the group won’t be at the pool or if someone has extra MBs (I have a whole box full and use them interchangeably) to loan to the grandparents.


Group A (BC stay) enters pool. MB scanned. Gets wristbands. Somebody from group A leaves pool and gives MBs from BC stay to group B (BW stay). Group B enters, scans Group A bands, and gets wristbands

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They will also come round and rescan bands from time to time. And will send people back to collect kid’s bands if they don’t have them.

They’re strict and rightly so, or everyone from Epcot would go in.

However there would be no problem the rest of the family joining you in the quiet pools. And to be honest, watching the kids swim would be pretty hard at Stormalong Bay, there are so many books and crannies even if they stayed in one particular area. The only exception might be the kid’s play area by the ship and entrance to the slide.


When you leave you have to remove your wrist band. The CMs aren’t daft!


They must only do this during busy times. We’ve never been asked to remove our bracelet when leaving. And we’ve also never had them go around and rescan their bands. But we tend to not go during the busiest times of the year, so maybe that’s the difference.

Thanks everyone. Maybe it will be easier if we go to Boardwalk and swim there or the grand parents can watch with binoculars from the room haha.

Nickysyme is right. It would be hard for the grandparents to watch the kids unless the kids stay in 1 spot, and they most likely won’t. It’s an awesome pool with tons of different areas to explore. My kids were running around like maniacs :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:. My MIL gave up following them after 15 min.

I would prob ask if they could have a visitor pass, prob not on a weekend day, but I would think better chance on a Tuesday. Just a thought!

Excellent observation and advise…