Access to the lounge


sorry if i'm going about this the wrong way....this ultra exclusive lounge, I want in. I have almost 14k chats, what else do i need to be initiated.


Try logging out/in and clearing your cache. That worked for me.


Initiations take place after dark........


logging out worked!! No more hazing for me!!


How do I get in the lounge? I'm confused!!!!


I would like to lounge as well if someone will have me.


When I checked last night, Laurel had closed the lounge. And tbh the posts up to that point were discussing whether or not there should even be a lounge. So, no one is missing anything. smile


It was federal prison smile

We're working on something new (without the posting requirement) to replace it.


Thanks for the update @LaurelStewart...looking forward to the "Orange is the New Black" version of lounge wink


Thanks @LaurelStewart! I took it upon myself to set up a temporary "HAPPY HUMP DAY LOUNGE" under the other category and said... ALL ARE WELCOME! Hope that can lure some liners over and smooth some ruffled feathers!! ❊☆ºoº.•:¨¨:•.ºoº☆❊☆ºoº.•:¨¨:•.ºoº☆❊