Access to Freezers?

DH won’t be able to eat WDW snacks while there since his dietary restrictions are so severe. We are planning on taking some of his food with us into the parks. We have ice packs for our lunch box. Will the resort hold our ice packs in a freezer if we requested? Worse case scenario we’ll have to put ice cubes in the lunch box.

My aunt had some ice packs for her knee they stored for us at BC when we were there last year.


Bell Services should be able to store them. I would have some kind of bag to store them.


Thanks @FindMeAFishingSpot & @PrincipalTinker. That helps a lot.

This is very useful info for people who have to keep their medicine on ice, either in the park or just traveling to & from Disney.

If you don’t check bags you have no way of getting a thawed ice pack home & people end up throwing the packs away because they’re considered a liquid. If they’re frozen they can go back home in the carryon.

For my nephew Sean - we used the “Packit Freezable Lunch Bag”. You leave it in the freezer overnight - it folds down to the size of a large wallet. It worked really well. The bag itself is the icepack and it would stay frozen 5 hours sitting in the knapsack attached to Sean’s wheelchair.

It’s available at all sorts of places. We bought ours at MEC, a Canadian sports store like REI.

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Had another thought - if you are driving to WDW (not flying, or taking Disney buses) then the electric coolers that can plug into the cigarette lighter or the wall plug are very useful for keeping things frozen. My BIL loves the Mobicool but I think Igloo makes them too.

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Probably cost more than we would want to pay just to keep our ice packs frozen to be honest. How much do they go for, anyway?

$70 Can to $180 for the biggest - which works out to $53 - $135 USD.

The littlest one is really little though.

Yep, too expensive for my blood…