Abracadabar good for kids?

We are heading down at the end of September and will be celebrating our 10 year wedding anniversary with out 7 y.o. son in tow. We are planning on bringing him to Trader Sam’s for a quick drink to check it out, and would like to also venture into Abracadabar too. Has anyone been there? Were there any kids? As 7 year olds go he’s pretty laid back, not the type to run amok. Just curious how often folks have seen kids patronizing either of these places.

Kids are allowed in all Disney bars/lounges with only a few exceptions: Trader Sam’s after a certain time (8?), JellyRolls and Atlantic Dance Hall. There are even special drinks you can order! Enjoy!

@Star_Wisher’s son just had a great time at Abracadabar last week. He’s older, 13 or 14 I think, but enjoyed the fancy lemonade.

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Uploading… Our son is 14 and was welcome at Abracadabar. Order the cotton candy lemonade for a fun “trick”!

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