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Questions or comments related to our Touring Plans. If you are looking at the pre-programmed versions or are creating and optimizing your own, this is where to seek help or let your opinions be known.

I have a couple questions about the Touring Plans -
1 - I accidently added 2 touring plans to one day. How can I delete a touring plan from my Dashboard?
2 - I selected everything I want to do in Magic Kingdom which will take more than one day. Is there an easy way to keep my selections and break it into a 2 day plan?
Thanks in advance for any help!

Tried to make a TP tonight and neither optimize or evaluate worked- has our lunch at the end of the day… wishes in the middles- welcome show not at the beginning- what am I dong wrong? Its for November but wanted to get an idea before picking FPP. No times showesd either.

Argh, I have the same problem. Can’t delete extra touring plans from dashboard! Looking for help, too. <:P Did you ever figure this out?

Just wondering if there is a way to add other items to my plan. I have booked a pirate league makeover for my son during our visit and would like to add this to the plan…can this be done??

I’m having trouble getting any of the touring plans to add to my schedule. Help please!

On our first family Disney vacation last year, I created 10 days of TPs. I used average walking speed, a balance of walking and waiting, and added mid afternoon breaks to head back to our resort for a rest or swim. While I loved how extremely helpful the TPs were, I feel I may have missed some of the Magic. I mean, I can barely remember any details! I’m hoping to avoid this for our next trip in August. Should I adjust my TPs to relaxed or very relaxed? Not sure how much time each one will add. I just want to slow it down a little and take it all in. I know I will be minimizing our walking which I think will help too. We plan on hitting RD for 8 out of 10 days so I’m not sure if “relaxed” is even fitting for that time of day! Lol I’m so excited about starting my new set of plans, especially since I just got all the ADRs I wanted yesterday morning, including BOG, Ohana and the 8:05 am @ Crystal Palace! Thanks for all the great advice you guys give!!

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To delete a Touring Plan, go to your far right column on your Dashboard and scroll down to your list of “Touring Plans” and there is a “delete” option to the right of each Touring Plans.

Is there a way to create a touring plan without it being optimized / evaluated? I really want to use the schedule I had already developed for my first day (even if touring plans suggests a better alternative). The plan will not let me reorder the steps like I wanted them.

Doe anyone know what is going on with the data when you try to customize a plan? Every time I try to Optimize or evaluate my plan, the software “claims” that I don’t need a FP+ to meet Cindy+Rapunzel between 10 am and 5:00 pm because there is 0 wait time. I’m going on crowd calendar 7 day, there is no way on earth there is a 0 wait time. Does anyone know how to fix this? It’s really making me wonder about the validity of the software.

Am I missing something on the Touring Plans online? Is there really no option for anything longer than 2 days? I am trying to plan my trip and see everything at WDW. I have 11 days and 10 nights. In some parks I may want to spend 3 days, etc. Do I have to just customize anything over 2 days?
Also aren’t there tips or hints to help me choose which parks on which days of my trip? For example, Epcot is good on Fridays and Saturdays, or never do MK on a Monday…etc.


I don’t know the first answer but as far as which parks are the best for which days, check the Crowd Calendar on the website to find that out.

I have a question about using tp for Christmas week. Right now, the park hours for all parks have not been extended. I realize that it is possible that hours won’t be extended to 7 am EMH at MK and 8 AM regular openings for all parks, but chances are better than not that they will be. Is there a way to make a plan for these hours now? I make FP selections in a couple weeks, and I’d like to make plans based on the extended hours. It makes more sense to me than scrambling to fix them when the hours are actually fixed.


I’m using my account at www.touringplans.com along with the hard copy book of The Unofficial Guide to WDW 2018. In the back of the book, on pg. 830, there is a One-Day Touring Plan for AK. It tracks along following the advice from the book (pgs 609-640). But, when I log into my TouringPlans Account and my Dashboard, and try to “add a plan,” that particular plan isn’t an option. I can choose from “family with small kids,” “Family with tweens,” “all family 1-day plan,” etc, but none of them match pg. 830. I’m fine with choosing a different touring plan, but the one in the back of the book does make the most sense based on what I read.


How do you create a touring plan if you want to go to two different parks on the same day? I want to park-hop between Epcot and Hollywood Studios.

How accurate our TPs predictions for extra magic hour days? I’m looking at Jan 4-11 in 2019 trip and according to TPs, it says Jan 4 will have extra magic hours for MK. The official schedule hasn’t been released. Is it likely the EMH days may change?
Also, since the trip isn’t for quite a while…do the crowd level predictions tend to change before the actual date?
: )

My husband and I were unable to attend our April/May 2021 trip. We rebooked for December 2021. Is there a way to copy the park days from the April/May trip to the December trip?

I made reservations at Droid Depot, but the touring plan doesn’t let you add this to your daily plan. Should I add a “meal” in for the same time so that we can allow the plan when we leave Droid Depot?