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This category is where you can post any questions, comments, and suggestions relating to our Crowd Calendar. If you need help using the Crowd Calendar, have ideas of how to improve it, or would like to inquire about any differences in our numbers versus your experiences this is the place to do it.

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I’m looking for some travel advice. We are looking at doing Disney again in 2016, and we can’t decide on March 24th through April 3rd (which will fall over Easter) or the first week of June of 2016? I have a 6 year old and a 3 1/2 year old. Any advice is appreciated!

Does anyone have any experience as to how the Magic Kingdom After Hours event (separate paid ticket event) impacts the MK park crowd levels that day? Is the park noticeably more crowded overall, and/or during the last normal operating hour? Are the fireworks more crowded due to the After Hours event? Does the addition of the After Hours event make it less desirable to visit the MK that day if you are NOT attending the after hours? In an upcoming trip, I was planning a MK day on 1/30/2018. If I don’t attend the After Hours event, I was wondering if I should avoid the MK that day. Thanks for any help on this one!

Crowd calendar- fantasyland breakfasts o Sundays and tuesdays- does this have a big impact on lines at opening in fantasyland?