? about purchasing USB from photopass

Has anyone ever purchased the USB drive with pictures from photopass? If so, does it include everything from the last year? We have a lot of pictures and I’m trying to find the easiest way to get them all.

Do they charge extra for the USB drive, compared to just downloading? Isn’t it pretty easy to just download them all to your computer?


Yes, it is $35 + shipping. But I have sooooo many pictures, so it might be worth it if it does the whole year.

I think that it only keeps the photos for 30 days(?).

Photo pass is a pain in the butt to download to your computer. First off they download as zip files. Second you can only download so many at a time before OOPs Something went wrong appears. If video files are among them you will have a real good time downloading them. I got Photopass free with my AP but I would never buy it. Lot easier to take the pictures with your phone or have someone do it for you. Most people are really nice and love to help take your picture with your phone. Lot cheaper too.

For anyone else looking at this option - I did end up ordering the USB drive. It arrived nicely packaged and has all our pictures from the year. I’ll probably end up doing this once a year just to have a back up.


Did you get all your pictures for the year or just the past 45 days?

The whole year. I’ll probably do this every year just for the ease