About Le Cellier Steakhouse


Because lots of the reviews say that the steak of the Le Cellier is great, I and my 12y/o daughter plan to go to the Le cellier for Dinner. Since both of us don't eat much ( especially after a late-lunch), and we will not join the dining plan. Can we just ordered one Steak + one Appetizer to share ?


Yes, you can order whatever you like.


Thank you so much!
I want to have a delicious steak in WDW, could you give me any suggestions?


We did the Yachtsman on our EP day which was delicious, and BOG dinner was also great. I don't think we had any other steaks but all the signature restaurants should be good.


I ate at Le Cellier about a decade ago (Biergarten is now my go to for sit down in EP) and it was ok but not remarkable. Of course you're listening to someone who prefers to grill their own. The Yachtsman mentioned above seems like a much better experience from what I just saw looking at the menu. Either place you are looking at a $50 steak and $10ish sides so $70 plus drinks/tip/tax for 2...not terrible for a sit down cloth napkin dinner.


Thank you, missoverexcited! When I look at the Map of the Epcot, the Yachtsman steakhouse of the Yacht Club seems very close to the "United Kingdom" of Epcot. Can I just walk to the Restaurant from the Epcot directly and go back to the Epcot for seeing the illuminations?


Yes you can, via the International Gateway entrance/exit it's a very short walk. Maybe 10 minutes? Then walk back for Illuminations. That's what we did. Our dinner was 6.45 and we were finished by 8.


Thank you so much for your help!


You're welcome :blush:


Another Question, we also had make a reservation of Dinner for BOG at the Day of MK,
Can you give us any suggestion for the Dinner of BOG?


We all had the steak there (which was lovely), so I can't comment on any of the other choices.


Dear Missoverexcited, That's great ! If we don't have the time to go to le cellier or Yachsman, we still can enjoy the steak at BOG !!!
Thank you :kissing_heart:


At BOG I had the pasta dish with shrimp and scallops...AMAZING! I highly recommend that. I also requested to sit in the West Wing and loved that room! Such a cool atmosphere. :slight_smile: Good luck!


We were in the West Wing and loved it too. We didn't request it but I would if we went again.


Nacossee's steak was lovely tonight.