ABC Christmas Parade Taping 2015

Wondering if anyone has any insight into when ABC is planning to tape the Christmas Parade this year. We will be in WDW Dec 4-8 and the most I can find out is it might happen any of the days we are there. We’re a family of 2 adults and 2 kiddos, 5 and 2 so are planning to spend most of our time in MK and would like to plan around the parade but I feel like I won’t find out about the parade before my 60 days is up for FP+ reservations.

“Historically” they film the stage acts on Friday, the actual parade on Saturday, and reserve Sunday as a back-up in case of rain. But that’s not necessarily what they will do this year. As the time gets closer, more details will come out. I’ve never been there for it, but from what I’ve read on Lines, getting into the park on taping days is kind of crazy, and MS is a gridlock (or closed), but the rest of the park is reasonable.

Another question about all of this. So if Main Street is closed and the Rail
Road is still down for refurbishment then how exactly are you supposed to get anywhere?

Okay, just answerd my own question, looks like the RR should be open by Nov 20th. phew

Don’t know if this will apply, was just at M/K on 9-22-15 for MNSSHP. They had the large green gate open,to the left of Tonys tsr. A road that took us to tomorrowland (the backway). Saved us from trying to navigate main st. minutes before boo to you parade. In 5 previous visits to M/K never recall that option.

Yes, that was open more than once during it July trip. It used to be the “backstage” way used during high crowds, but it seems to have been themed and it’s open more frequently.

What times do they usually tape? We have breakfast and pirates league plans for Friday of that week - Is it usually from opening on ? More of a morning thing? Afternoon thing?

Thanks in advance for any insight.

We’ve been at MK for the taping - not intentionally. MS was a beast, but that green gate back way was open for us. At the time it was kind of like walking down an alley way and not very inviting, but it sounds like it has improved.

That entrance was a huge help in getting around the hustle and bustle of the parade.Once off Main Street, the park was about average crowds for that day.

On the plus side, it was kind of neat to see a few minor celebrities hanging around. My husband swore he saw Huey Lewis :smile:

Looks like the parade is on Dec 3 based on one of the performers website - dance the magic.

So they announced the new dates for taping this year’s Christmas Parade, 11/10-11/13, will this cause TOURINGPLANS to adjust your crowd calendar for that week? IT just so happens to be the week we will be there! Not thrilled!