AAA Tickets @ Universal and IOA

Hoping to use our AAA membership for discounted 2-day PH tickets, but they don’t seem to include Unlimited Express. Just making sure I can buy tickets thru AAA and Express Passes thru the Universal site. Is this the best option? Thanks!

No 3rd party site sells express passes you can only buy them online or at the parks directly for universal. Many people buy tix elsewhere and get exp pass when they arrive or online. This is because exp pass are day specific and based on projected crowd levels and demand they vary a lot in price.

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Depending on the number of people in your party - it may be better to just stay at a Deluxe resort on site. For us - we have 4. Each Express was ~$80 per day per person so $240. Our hotel was 360. So I attributed 240 to the benefit of Express pass so consider the cost of the hotel $120 - not too bad. You may find staying onsite less expensive overall and just much more convenient and relaxing if you stay deluxe on site

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Also check out Undercover tourist for tickets - totally legit and the prices are great