AAA ticket discount

Hi! AAA will save me about $30 per ticket but it says, “A will call certificate will be emailed to you within an hour of your purchase. Please present a printed copy with a valid photo ID at one of the sales locations listed on your certificate.” Can I link this to MDE so I can make park reservations? Also I’m assuming the sales location will be the front gate or disney springs right? Thank you!

Did you check the TP ticket calculator to see if that is the best price?

yes. TP recommends disney directly.

One day ticket?

2 day park hopper, out of state, 5/20-5/23. The TP calculator is at $350 and AAA is $320.

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Disney’s price is $328.24 plus tax for a total of $349.58.
I see on AAA (I’m a member as well) that the price is also $328.24 plus tax for a total of $349.58.

Why not buy discounted Disney gift cards for a guaranteed 5% off and book through Disney? Does AAA allow you to change your dates like Disney does?

FYI I think you need to pick your tickets up from your AAA office.


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I realized last night that I missed the taxes. That is exactly what I’ll do, I’m up to 7% if I buy through sam’s with a 2% cash back card, and 1% from rakuten HAHAHA.


Always be sure that on sites like AAA, Sams Club Travel, Tickets at Work (which is the engine for Sams and other sites) you get all the way to the end of the process and make sure taxes are included.

They often like to tell you they are saving you a bunch of money, but conveniently ignore the fact that taxes haven’t been included yet.

Reseller ticket sites (that the TP tool points to, e.g. Undecover Tourist et al) all include taxes in their pricing at the start.


Yes, thats what I missed!

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Planning to buy dated park tickets from cheapest vendor on ticket calculator. First time buying dated tickets (used to be an AP Holder). If I have to change my dates, is it easy to do this with 3rd Party tickets once you link them, or is it a hassle to change dates if you don’t buy direct from WDW?