AAA Diamond VIP Parking @ AK & HS


We are staying offsite during the last week of October 2014, so I grabbed a 2014 AAA Diamond VIP Parking pass on Ebay for $0.06 (in other words it was pretty much free). I have read reviews that it is not helpful at MK, but may come in handy at AK & HS. I am also wondering if it may be helpful at MK on days where we return to the park after mid-day breaks just to see Wishes and/or the Electric Parade.

Any thoughts? Tips on how to use most effectively?


When will you be going? Those will be going away soon and I believe I've seen reports that they have already done so at AK but I can't confirm that.


We will be there next week. The pass says its good for 2014.


Oh well it should still be good then. I would say when possible use it. I think the reason most say not at MK is because the whole parking lot is at the TTC so regardless of parking location you are still going to be taking the monorail or boat over to the park.


The AAA parking is pretty close at DHS and Epcot. I've never used it at AK. Depending how early you arrive at ttc, you may get a closer spot without it, but once the lot starts filling up, the better it is


AAA parking is great at AK. Makes it a short walk to the gate. MK AAA parking is nice IMO, you get to skip the tram, which I hate, but still get to ride the monorail or boat, which I love. It will save you a few steps at HS. Remember, the AAA lot can fill up. I've had it fill up on me at HS and EP and if so, you are SOL.

I'm going to miss the AAA parking when it's gone. frowning


i think its good everywhere. Sure, you cant walk to Mk, but you can still skip the tram and walk to the Monorail/Ferry