A Year of Disney - Last Trip of the YOD

Those who have been paying attention—come on, there must be at least ONE of you—will know that my little family has been on an adventure for the past year to engage in a “Year of Disney,” which we call YOD. We purchased annual passes for our little group and have made several trips to the World over the past twelve months.

Those trips included:

June 2022 (8 nights: Caribbean Beach Resort and Cabins at Ft. Wilderness);

July 2022 (1 night: All Star Movies);

October 2022 (4 nights: Coronado Springs);

December 2022 (4 nights: Boulder Ridge Villas @ Wilderness Lodge);

February 2023 (4 nights: Pop Century);

April 2023 (7 nights: Pop Century, POFQ).

Basically, every vacation we have taken for the past year has been to WDW, you know, to get the value out of our Annual Passes. Pay no attention to hotel bills, dining bills, souvenir costs, etc.

Well, our YOD is down to one last trip and we are very much looking forward to this adventure, and sad to see this year end! Talk about being in the feelings!!!

I will try to update this TR in real time as much as possible, but I am very much looks forward to being “in the moment.”

FIRST, the trip details –

WHO: Me, DW, DD14, DD10 and, for the first part of our trip, our oldest DD31 is joining us! She hasn’t been to WDW since 2010, so she is excited, and DD14 and DD10 are looking forward to showing her around their “second home.”

WHEN: Leaving Friday 6/2 and returning Sunday 6/11.

WHERE: Split stay between 2 BR Villa at OKW for the first part and Bay Lake Tower for the second part.

WHAT: All of it. ALL. OF. IT. Parks, water parks, resorts, restaurants. We have had a fairly Laissez faire attitude this year since we will always “be back soon,” but no more. We will wring every bit of excitement out of our time until our Annual Passes turn into useless pieces of plastic at 11:00 PM on June 10, 2023!!!

Some of the dining plans include: Hoop De Doo Revue, Narcoosee’s, Brown Derby (Fantasmic Dining Package), Olga’s Cantina – possible a fireworks dessert party (which I am not sold on but DD10 REALLY wants to do).

Fun to be had will include late night laughs, Flower and Garden festival activities, date night on the monorail loop, wave pool splashes, all the the rides, many of the snacks, and many memories!!!

Hope you will follow along!!!

Now… to start packing…


Sounds like it will be an epic conclusion!! Looking forward to following along.


Have all the fun!!

You do know about renewals though right? :wink:


I FEEL that! Hope it’s the best farewell tour in history!


Those are some fabulous family photos this past year.


How bittersweet! Amazing that you will have one last epic trip and a bummer that this will be the last one for a while. I have never travelled to another place that makes me feel like Disney World. I feel so comfortable there and, as cheesy as it sounds, I really do feel this sense of “welcome home” whenever I go back. My son and I are spending two nights at Pop in late June (first time at Pop) and I am so excited. We can’t swing park tickets, but just knowing we will be on property, able to take bus rides to Disney Springs, eat the resorts and watch fireworks from afar…it just fills my heart. I hope you and your family have the best time and I hope you will keep us updated with photos of your journey! I’ll be excited to watch it unfold!


Haha… don’t think I haven’t been tempted, but we do need to step away for a little bit… just to let the parks come up with something new. DD14 is starting high school next fall and I suspect we will be back before she is done with HS.

Thank you!!! We are planning on it!

Thank you !!!

We plan to take it all in, and I will do my best to update as I can!!


One of the benefits of driving to WDW is that we can take all needed stuff!!!

So, the “Disney Box” is packed and ready to go… you know - extra plates/bowls/to go coffee cups; popcorn bucket; extra emergency ponchos; park bags; paper towels; ziploc bags; laundry detergent; etc.

All the crap that experience has taught us we need at least once during each trip.

Kids have already started gathering the WDW outfits. Laundry to be done tomorrow and Wednesday…

Will be a great week of preparation!!!


That is a huge benefit. But I need to be a bit closer for this.


Still working on skeleton touring plans. Having been so much, I have a pretty good feel for the parks, so our touring plans tend to just be checklists of rides and experiences. Then I kinda take what G+ and the parks give me and make the plans on the go.

This is so different from how I did it in 2018 when every plan was ready to go… but not knowing about VQ return times, or how G+ will affect us, I find that I can kinda just wing it in the moment, as long as I have a good outline to work from. So my touring plans are mainly lists… and they get formed each day once I know what the World ( and my family) gives me.

But still - - - - i love the planning, so the plans get made!


For sure. Atlanta to WDW is just about 7 hours… its mostly the break even point for flying. Airtime from ATL to MCO is only just a little over an hour, but adding in 2 hours arrival ahead of time and a solid 90 minutes from wheels down to WDW… and we are only marginally set back by driving… with the cost savings of not having to fly and get transportation.

Typically we drive most places when we are down there… unless the Skyliner is an option… then its always the Skyliner, or I face the wrath of DW who thinks Skyliner is the main feature of WDW!


I could totally do 7 hours but 12 for us is rough. You’re lucky.


Here’s a question this shamed Liner should know the answer to I suppose: if I have an older special edition popcorn bucket (skyliner!), do you get the refill prices on that? Or only if it’s this year’s?

(We’re headed down with a vehicle soon!)

My bucket is a 9 month old 50th Anniversary bucket. I continue to use it. While YMMV, I don’t think I have ever heard someone be turned away for an old bucket….

But official policy is “same trip”.

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I actually heard someone turned away for one this last trip…but it was very obviously old…like had been through the dishwasher multiple times.
A CM told me once they are much more strict about it in MK than in the other parks…


Have a great last hurrah on your AP!

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So, packing in earnest. Getting ready to head out tomorrow morning!

I think everyone is super excited for a great week.

Tomorrow we have a 1 night stay at CBR. Hoping to arrive early enough - and hoping for the rain to hold off - so that we can Skyliner to Epcot for a light dinner at Le Creperie and then some evening swimming at CBR. We shall see if the weather cooperates. Looks like it could be pretty rainy through the weekend.

Nonetheless, we poncho up and crack on! But the swimming may have to wait a bit.

Then Saturday at Epcot and a transfer to OKW. @OBNurseNH peaked my interest in her home resort and the place is huge (2 BR unit) so we are looking forward to exploring the resort have having ALL the room!

Hopefully packing goes smoothly today - and maybe I can get out of work a little early!!!


I hope you love it! It’s so laid back and really feels like HOME (in other words NOT like a hotel or resort)


I have OKW points and have only stayed there one night (before I was an owner), but DD23 and I will be there two nights in July!


The weather is looking rough the next few days.
Just fyi we’ll be at Epcot Saturday too.