A Water Question

We always gets groceries from Garden Grocer and include water in our order. If the hotel has a small freezer section on the fridge then we freeze them overnight and they stay cold all day. This time there was no freezer so we put them in koozies and then wrapped a sock around that. Sounds weird, but it worked. Our drinks kept from getting hot all day. They weren’t cold all day, but not bad at all. We also asked for cups of water at the CS location when sitting for a break, otherwise they are a pain to carry around.

On our last trip I bought everyone a Brita water bottle. We would just fill up at the water fountains whenever we were empty. Everyone used them, and no one complained about the water (which was a miracle b/c we are pretty much all water snobs! :smile:)

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@bethannke that’s what I decided to do. They’re all packed up and ready!

We rented a stroller from Kingdom Strollers and I remember them having an option to include a case of water when they dropped off the stroller to our resort. We ultimately included a small case in our Amazon Prime Pantry order. (But, admittedly, we didn’t use half of it because we just got free ice water from CS locations…and beer! Throwing a frozen bottle of water in our lunch bag was great though!)