A Water Question


I HATE the taste of the water in FL so I was thinking of getting some gallons of water delivered to my hotel and filling my own water bottles. How do all of you handle the water situation? I don't want to drink the FL water, but I don't want to spend a ton of money buying it in the parks either! Suggestions?



I do it a couple of ways. The resorts now have water for sale in the gift shops. I bought a gallon for I think $1.75 at WL. Any water that comes from the soda machines (at the refillable stations and most CS/TS, is filtered water. I fill up there too! Finally, I also pack some bottles in my carry on luggage.


I agree. The water there is horrible. I thought it was just a particular drinking fountain or area, but it was bad at all the fountains we tried. You definitely need to plan out your water needs.


I am a Staples rewards member. If it is still the way it was last summer, it is free and you get free shipping. I had a case of bottled water shipped to the hotel. It is a fairly inexpensive way to have bottled water. One word of caution though is that I believe any hotel deemed a conference hotel will charge you for deliveries. As long as it is not a conference hotel, you should be fine. I have read about others using Amazon Prime to ship water too.

A couple of other suggestions I have read but not tried are buying water bottles with filters on them and using water flavor packets to help with the taste of the water.


You can always get complementary ice water at CS locations. It should come from the filtered water supply used for the soda machines.


best free ice water is from starbucks.


We took a small supply of drinks with us in our checked luggage(free with Southwest). Then, we started each day by stopping to fill our bottles with ice water, re-filled at each meal, and ended our day by stopping to fill before retiring for the night. We brought flavor packets too, but found we didn't need them. Since we didn't have to purchase any drinks, we saved a ton of money. Plus, I knew everyone was hydrating in a healthy way!


I did the same thing as @JustKeepSmiling last summer and had Staples ship it for free. Plan to do it again in September if it's still free. This is perfect for in the room. I also noticed last year in August that the free water at CS spots tasted way better than usual.

Another thing we do is bring flavor additions because my kids prefer water with that - the Mio brand ones are small and easy to carry.


I consider it a moral outrage to buy water, so out of principal, I refuse to buy it - anywhere. The "taste" of the water in Orlando is different, but it's still just water. The smell can be off-putting, but if you put it in a bottle, and don't really smell it, it really doesn't taste very different. And as others have said, the free ice water available at any CS is perfectly good.


I have a brita water bottle that filters everything out well, I would recommend bringing one of those for each person since you can refill it anywhere in the parks.


That is not necessarily the case. The ice water from our resort CS (Roaring Forks) was fine, but when I got the same from Cosmic Rays, it tasted and smelled like sewage.


A moral outrage??? Were they trying to sell you holy water?


Moral outrage? If the water smells and tastes like ((self censored)) my morals are perfectly good with buying water and saving my outrage on things that matter. Like the absence of Cheez Sauze™


Someone has to pay for all those filters and bottles and caps and landfills lol. I mean you could probably fill your own bottles for free at the water treatment plant (pre-treatment) or the ocean but I'll just stick to buying mine.


The water wars are only slightly less inflammatory than the mommy wars...followed closely by land wars in Asia. wink

Do whatever makes sense for you and your family. If you are against bottled water, then use strategies related to the free tap water. If you don't like the taste of the FL water, then use strategies to buy bottled water wherever it's most convenient and affordable. It's all good.


Buying water because the local water tastes awful annoys me too. I prefer the solution that humans have had to rubbish water for thousands of years - beer.


@Ellen1976 has solved the problem beautifully. The solution to this, as with so many things, is beer!


The taste is reflective of the content. Not all water is equal. It might not be "bad" for you but the different mineral content or chemical treatments may "wreck" havoc on your systems.


Beside lapping up water at CS, I use a bottle filter for in-room. It does filters out the special Florida flavors. Also, letting water air in the refrigerator seems to help.


Thanks for the replies everyone! I really appreciate it! smiley