A Warning to AP Holders

If this has already been covered in another discussion, I apologize. I haven’t seen it…
If you are planning to extend your AP’s and have booked a trip on property during a time when your original expiration date has passed and the parks have not yet re-opened, listen up! Our AP’s expire 6/27/2020 and we are planning to extend for the closure time. We booked an on property reservation for 7/1/2020 to 7/9/2020 (I know… it’s laughable), and this morning was our FP 60-day window opening. I had everything planned out using the Dibb website and promptly at 7:00 AM, I got started. The system would not allow me into the July calendar because the system said I did not have valid tickets!!! It only has the original expiration date in the system. They are not planning on updating the AP expiration dates until the parks re-open. I got very panicked, (even though I know planning this trip is ludicrous.) Fortunately, I called WDW and a very patient and kind CM helped me out with my FP’s. She had to get the PH department to enter a special “key code” into MDE for the dates of my stay so that I could access those dates for selecting my FP’s. She said they have been running into this problem a lot lately. So, if you have AP’s and have an on-property trip planned, and these circumstances apply to you, I highly recommend that you talk to the WDW Passholder Support people before your 60-day window opens. With the CM’s help, I ultimately ended up getting all of the FP’s I wanted, but not necessarily the times I had planned for. Very stressful morning!


This is crazy!

Curious what you saw with FPPs - pickings seem to have been very slim but last couple day reports seem to have perked up a bit (perhaps Disney is getting more confident so starting to put more in the system)

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Thanks for the heads up


It wasn’t too bad, but on this trip I planned a lot of evening FP’s because DS is going to be working remotely at our resort during the day. (Normally I try for as early in the day as possible to maximize same-day FP’s.) The most difficult to get were FOP and MMRR. My advice: Epcot is easiest to book, so make that park earliest in your trip. Next best availability was MK (except for 7DMT). Put HS and AK later in the trip, if possible, because FOP and MMRR availability is non-existent at 60+1,2,3. Here is the link to the Dibb:
This was so helpful in the few days preceding my 60-day window, particularly the night before. If you can plan multiple days at each park, this gives you the best chance of getting everything you want. I did end up getting a FP for everything with an 8-day trip, but just not all at the times I would have liked. Good luck!

Good info.

Thanks for sharing.

Glad you got it sorted.

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Thanks for this, good to know

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Yes, I have seen a couple articles today about AP’s not being able to book FP+ past expiry date; but canGet exception if staying on-site. I hope they give some notice to when they will reopen and extend the expiry prior to…

Of course, I can’t go until at the very least the border is opened to non-essential travel.

My current expiry is July 1. I’ll have 3 1/2 months from opening to go.

Just wanted to give y’all who have an expiring AP an update about what I just was able to accomplish.

Our AP’s expire June 27, we had a trip planned through that date but decided to cancel. Just made the decision on Monday to switch it to July 27-31st. This after our AP expire, FPP selection date is tomorrow.

Tried calling the AP Holder line, but robot answering switched me to ticketing. I decided to to the online chat instead. CM was able to get us FPP Planning Key Cards added to our MDE account, so we can make the FPP reservations tom morrow at 7 AM

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Thank you for the update!

Now the wait to see what the plan is for AP holders. Will they do like Shanghai where the reservation period does not count… I mean, no point going if I can only get a reservation for 1 day :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: The parks would really just be for locals in that case.