A TP feature I would love to see

And please tell me if it already exists…
When I made my TP for our AK day it tells me it is not using any of my FPs. I get it, the TP calculated a better way. However, what if I want to use them and still have the convenience of completing attractions through the app (“Done!”) while in the park?
The reason I want to use them is I don’t want to do KRR at 9:20 in the morning like it is telling me and I want to use my other ones for FotLK and Nemo so we can get better seats and earlier entry. The TP is having me show up at different times for both shows than my FPs.
Is there a way to force it to use my FPPs? :smile:

I don’t know that you can force it to use for FPP’s but once you’ve optimized you can drag the individual items like KRR to another timeframe that will coincide with your FPP’s and then use the evaluate button which will only recalculate the times but will leave the order as you wanted it.

Might be a work around to what you’re trying to accomplish.

Thanks @Outer1. I guess I will have to make a trip to my PC since I can’t rearrange the order on my iPad. :slight_smile: I just wanted to make there wasn’t some function I was missing.

Oh yea, sorry it can only be done on the computer.

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I think Len has talked about developing this function, but I don’t think it exists at the moment.

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It would be GREAT to be able to insist the TP use your FPPs, even if they make the total wait times worse… for example, riding RnR or EE for me must be strategically timed around meals as to avoid being the mayor of Vom City. Or like, not wanting to ride Splash until the afternoon because you dont want to be wet all morning… stuff like that :slight_smile:


Agreed, this would be nice. In the meantime, I add a note to the Touring Plan step with the actual FastPass+ time, in case I want to use it anyway.


Those are the types of things I think about too. I don’t want to do Kali first thing after park opening for example. I would be miserable the rest of the day. But I still want to use the best possible plan with the least waits taking those things into account.

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Good idea @roguepixel.

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