A somewhat complicated ticket question

So after a long break we are back at it with plans for a Christmas/New years trip. My family (DW, DD9, DS2) are arriving in Orlando at some point on December 27 to a rental house. We spend the week enjoying warm weather, visiting resorts and Dis Springs and taking it easy. My parents arrive on December 31 and then we all will move onsite to AS movies on January 2. We stay for 3 nights and already have tickets but my parents only stay one night, January 2. We plan to visit Epcot that day. So finally heres the question; they will only need a single day ticket, don’t have or any desire to buy magic bands. We want to rope drop EP and take advantage of early entry and will drive our own vehicles. So how can i ensure we have no ticket issues at the parking booths and then entering EP? TIA and more to come!

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They don’t ask to see tickets at the parking booths. They might ask if you have tickets & a park reservation b/c w/o those you won’t be able to get into the park, but they will let you pay for parking and enter the parking lot w/o tickets and park reservations.

I wouldn’t wait to buy tickets until the day you enter the park; I know they sell tickets at the ticket windows still… I recommend you get your tickets as soon as possible and do the same w/ making park reservations too. While everything is showing green now it will change the closer you get to those dates: Theme Park Reservation Availability (go.com)


You will need your MB, magic mobile, or room key for parking.

Magic Mobile will also work for tickets.

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Oh my, how could I forget that parking is free for resort guests :woman_facepalming:
Good thing you were paying attention :laughing:

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I think when you order tickets (there are no discounts for 1 day tickets) it can be hard but you can look at the delivery methods and see if you can get them mailed to you. As @vcka said, you should do that now, and then make your park reservation.

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There are discounts if you have a DoD ID card. I just got one day tickets for my kids for $118

ITTpriceMAR22 (gopatrickfl.com)

The discount ticket sellers do not sell discounted one day tickets but military discounts are available?

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yes, apparently :wink:

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Thanks for the help. Through MDE i only see an email ticket option, no physical cards. Since they’re only going for 1 day and haven’t been to WDW since like 1993 I’m in charge of everything lol! Since i arrive earlier could i get ticket cards at the DS ticket office? I want to do everything possible to avoid any of that and wasting precious early entry time.

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If you want to buy tickets directly from Disney they will be available immediately on MDE and then you can get your park reservations right away too.

You are gambling that you will not be able to get tickets or park reservations. If a park is not available , you cannot buy a ticket.

Did you look at delivery options on the website?

If there is only electronic option, pick the “will call” and get them now.

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I understand what you mean, we will likely buy tickets this week. Im trying to figure out how best to get them into the park without magic bands and avoid a tapstyle fiasco. We’re trying to avoid paying for things that used to be free like magic bands both because of the principal of the thing and everything is already so expensive lol!

If “will call” is an option you can pick them up the same way you want to, but you will have your tickets and your reservations.

You can always go to a ticket window upon arrival and ask for a hard ticket. You will need some kind of receipt though.

the hard ticket can be used at the tapsyles

I think I may have figured out a solution! Undercover tourist will mail single day physical ticket cards and the price appears to be the same as through wdw website. If they have those cards and DW, DD and I use our old magic bands we hopefully will breeze right in! As for parking I think ill ride in with my parents and DW will drive our car as the room reservation will be on our MBs.

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I use old MBs all the time, but just in case of tech issues, make sure you have all the tickets assigned in MDE too.