A schedule without TP

January cannot come fast enough! While its my third time visiting, it will be my boyfriends first! Woohoo! While I love planning and scheduling our trip, I’m personally not a fan of the whole TP thing. I make my own schedule on an excel like graph document. CL, park hours, DDR all included. So far I haven’t added FP reservation to this because I know they are bound to change once we are touring! Does anyone else tour similarly? I feel like this type of plan makes me feel more relaxed, yet I still know exactly where we are going on which day and what time we need to be there.

I tried making personalized TP for each of our days in January, but the plans didn’t make sense to me! So I decided to set those aside and sketch out my own plans for the day.

So, with that, I know that there is the EVALUATE option on the TP, but I can’t figure out how to get it to take into account my FP+?

In addition, I would like to comment that it would be nice of TP to come up with some sort of happy medium between the optimize and evaluate options, where the program can make suggestions to your list of items, or when you just re-order your optimized list it would know to evaluate from there and make suggestions from there. Does that make sense? Like, each step of the way, it would say something like, if you do this, it’ll save you 3 minutes in line, do you want to make the change, or do you want to keep it the way you have it?
You know why? Because even when I have the setting as Minimize walking, it’s making me walk too far out of my way.

I found it helpful to just move the steps around in my TPs myself and evaluate as I did so. On days where I didn’t love the TP that was created for me, I moved things around and adjusted as I felt was best (especially to minimize walking). Unless the evaluate step showed me some ridiculous wait times because of my changes, I just left them. You can always go back to a better previous plan if you totally wreck it since all the plans are saved. I’m the end, id say most of my plans aren’t actually Optimized, but I like them and like having the information I got from the evaluate process.

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I like to do the TP, but as I him more often I find my own preferences sometimes usurp the TP. I think the two are related, though. Because I do the TPs and mess with evaluating and optimizing them, I have done the research and have the knowledge to make adjustments on the go and still not end up standing in an unecessary line.

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