A review in favor of Memory Maker

We just returned from a week at WDW. I read numerous Memory Maker reviews and opinions before our trip. Much of what I read suggested buying MM only if we would get lots of ride photos or dining photos. With little kids who would not be doing the thrill rides and no plans to do much character dining, I wasn’t sure if MM would be worth it.

I ended up buying 3 days before our trip, and I am very glad that I did. We have 5 year old and 7 year old girls. We met all the princesses and many other characters. We felt free to stop at every park and have our pictures taken. We got multiple shots at every meet & greet (zoomed-in, zoomed-out, portrait, landscape) instead of just the one or two shots we would have gotten with our own camera. We ended up with over 300 images and loads of great shots that I never would have been able to get myself. Plus, I could enjoy watching/participating without having to worry about taking the pictures.


I liked it too with small kids. The personalized borders are great too. Now a year later to print them out though…

We really liked MM, and we definitely plan to use it again on our next trip… but I would only do as part of a share group. When people criticize MM, it’s not because it offers no benefit, it’s because of the crazy price. Much more attractive when diluted in a 6 family group.

I got MM for our last trip that was just my DW and I felt it was well worth the money, even for just the two of us. We got a bunch of good quality shots – including a number of fun Magic Shots – that we wouldn’t otherwise have gotten. I’m usually the only one who thinks to take pictures, so their usually selfies at a weird angle, cutting off part of our heads, and with my pulling some kind of strange face because I’m trying to hold the phone and press the button.

I would definitely use MM again.