A quick bite to start the trip

We'll have 1-1/2 days at UOR in February. Scheduled to arrive at MCO at 11:30 am. Car to HRH to leave our bags and check in. We'll be hungry but want to make the most of our short time in the parks. Any suggestions on a quick bite to eat? Would prefer in the parks or at HRH. Going to CityWalk would add too much time (and we plan to have dinner at CityWalk later that evening).

We'll probably start at IoA but we'll have park-to-park tix so could be either park.
We've eaten at Mythos already so would prefer something else this time.


Have you tried fast food blvd? Guessing the line into DA will still be too long for Leaky Cauldron but you could easily check that out from the Simpson's area. Might as well chase lunch with a donut sundae at Lard Lad. wink

If you are going to IOA, we really enjoyed lunch at 3 Broomsticks. We had the feast, which feeds 4. It was really good. Here's a picture


If you want a meal that isn't quite as healthy, you can always hit Emack & Bolio's in the Hard Rock. This is considered a meal, right?

Eat at the Airport - chic fila all the way!

Thunder Falls is very good and also the Simpsons Food court area. The Frying Dutchman was excellent

You might have already seen these, but here are some links to some fun blogs Derek Burgan has done about food and drink at the universal resorts and parks.






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You have good taste in articles Ellen.

All three of Universal's onsite "deluxe" hotels have great restaurants to try out and all are a short walk or boat ride away. You don't need to be staying at the resort and for the most part are all walk-ups as well.

Tchoup Chop at the Royal Pacific gets a high recommendation: http://blog.touringplans.com/2014/02/11/universal-dining-emerils-tchoup-chop-royal-pacific-resort/

Jakes at RPR is also good, The Kitchen at Hard Rock is great, as well as Mama Della's at Portofino.

Yep, excellent taste! Do like your blogs tho. They have a touch of irreverence (think that's the right word - I definitely don't mean irrelevance!) that I like esp the one you do about the Disney outlet.

These are helpful tips. Thanks, all. I'm a little disappointed Derek's reply didn't come with a poem, joke, or a song. But it is helpful nonetheless.

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Need to read these!