A proud (Disney) parent!

One of my sons recently became engaged to a wonderful young woman and have asked me to help with planning their honeymoon trip (apparently I have a reputation for liking to plan trips :blush:). We were discussing the parameters of the trip - someplace warm where they could relax and sip fruity drinks. Mexico, Hawaii, maybe a cruise. And then my DDiL-to-be mentioned that they could startwith a couple of days a Disneyland. My son exclaimed, “that’s an option?!” It was a very proud moment for this Disney mom.
Of course I do have to brag that the DDiL was almost a Disney Princess. Passed the auditions for singing and dancing but then was measured (again) and was found to be a half inch too short! Sad for her but we are glad that her life’s course changed and brought her our direction. :grin:


Congratulations on both accounts!! And Awww! What a nice thing to say about your future DDIL!!

What a proud moment! We did our honeymoon at DL 18 years ago. Such fun magical memory

We did our honeymoon at WDW. 23 years ago now. It was amazing.

Congrats to you son!