A Pirates Adventure: Treasures of the Seven Seas wait time seems over calculated

IDK if it’s a glitch, but doing our plans for MK and we plan to do PotC, then Pirates Adventure on our way to Tiki Room. From what I have seen of videos of the adventure, it’s walk-up, or darn near, and the plan says it’s about 15 minutes. But it shows a 132 minute wait time. That throws the rest of the plan out of whack as far as times go. That makes the plan show it taking 2 hours total to do the Adventures.

Is it because it doesn’t open until later in the day? I’d probably just put it in as a break.

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Yeah, I just noticed that. facepalm It’s been a long night. LOL


Well there are 5 ‘‘missions’’ in total and I guess it probably takes about that time to do all of them. You can do the number of missions you want but 2 will get you the PotC FP+.

what do you mean 2 will get the PotC FP+?

Brian did a video on it which is good to watch, you get PotC fastpasses for the group if you do two missions and the apparently the FPPs don’t have to be used that day, I think until the end of the month?

Does anyone know if you have to do both missions on the same day to get the fast pass? We’re going to MK on our first and 3rd MK days and my 10yo loves this kind of thing but I’m not sure we’ll have time for two missions on each day…

We are splitting MK into two days too. but we are doing the right half one the first day and the left half on the last day because of course, that last day is a Christmas party day so we get reduced hours. It has a morning EMH, but we will be eating at that time, so it’s basically useless to us.

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If you complete 2 missions and go back to the little hut, they will give your entire party a fastpass for pirates of the caribbean. :slight_smile:

We are going to be eating at all kinds of strange times on this trip to try to minimise the impact on touring - I fully expect to be dealing with hanger issues from all 5 of us :joy:

EMH was moved from MK for the week we’re rope dropping which was rather annoying, I’ve tried to make up for this with a PPO BOG breakfast to get a mini headstart on the crowds but I wouldn’t be surprised if they move the opening time up to 8am so I’ll need to rethink it all - again!

I have our meals planed during non peak meal times to take advantage of the lower(?) lines during peak meal times. and then the lower(?) lines at restaurants during non peak meal times.

Awesome. that’ll help a lot.

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