A of A Family Suites room requests

Planning a WDW stay for next year. I think we’ll stay at A of A in a family suite. We don’t have a preference for any of the 3 room types, but would like a fun courtyard view or a pool view. So I’m wondering if it would be better to book a “family suite” with several different room request options specifying the courtyard or pool views or is it better to book a specific type of suite, such as a Cars suite and then specify which building and which room?
My thought is that the more options I give for my preference, the more likely I am to get what I want. Anyone have experience with this?

I don’t have experience, but I’d want to book a Nemo room with a view of the pool! That area is beautiful! DD and I walked over there from Pop and we fell in love with it!

You should def. choose Nemo or Cars. Lion King is all of the expense with less theming and none of the benefit of being close to the central part of the resort. I stayed in the Little Mermaid rooms and walked through Lion king every day of our last trip. Cool bones, uncool hike.

Distance is a big deal. We stayed in the lion king suites (which we loved the theming of) but the walk to the food court and buses was a lot especially at the end of the long day.

My question is more about having success with room requests. Does anyone have experience just booking a “family suite” rather than booking a specific suite and then asking for a pool or courtyard view? I’d love a Nemo room, but not if the view is if the parking lot.

I’d rather have a cars room with a courtyard view than a Nemo room with a parking lot view. But can I book a specific type of suite but say I’m fine going to a different kind just to get the preferred view?