A NOT Live Trip Report of an Amazing trip! Spring Break, Split Stay, Connecting Rooms, Park Hopping, BB, Skyliner, RoR and all the Good Stuff!

Day 8: Magic Kingdom

We had two essential items on our agenda for today: Splash Mountain and DOLE WHIPS!! Anything else was pure gravy. We didn’t plan on riding 7D again, so we didn’t feel the need to RD. Instead, we got to the bus stop at Pop at 8am, the early morning rope droppers were already gone and we boarded a very spacious bus within 3 minutes. We were heading down main street at 8:30.

We walked through Adventureland and cut through the underpass near CBJ and headed to Splash. DD10 kept noticing the orange bird drinks in Epcot so I snapped a pic of her near Sunshine Tree Terrace.

We entered the line near the Splash Mtn viewing spot at 8:42 and boarded a log flume at 9:20, so we did have a 40 minute wait, but we were enjoying the slower paced morning and with the constantly moving line, it went fast.

BTMRR was posted only a 10 minute wait after we got off Splash, so we went there for a bonus ride! It was still walk-on.

I always enjoyed Mickey’s Philharmagic so definitely wanted to take the time to see that also. I’m not sure if there was something wrong with our glasses or the screen, but it seemed awfully blurry this time.

On to Space Mountain!! We have all ridden it before (DD7’s first time two nights ago, she was too nervous before that) but this was the first time for all 6 of us to ride together so it seemed really exciting. DD7 in the back had her hands up the whole time and caught on the photo - she really started enjoying more of the thrill rides this year - RnRC, ToT, and SM! yay!

We had appointments to build droids in HS later that day, but DD10 chose a cute little Grogu instead from Space’s gift shop.

Mobile order for Dole whips was placed while in line for Space, so we headed back over to Adventureland to enjoy. We got two pineapple floats and one coconut cup - so refreshing and delicious. Found a spot near the frontier trading post to savor them.

On the way out made a stop for Mickey bars and churros - we only had one day left so why not. I had some extra money left on the gift cards I had stocked up so we made sure to make good use of them :slight_smile:

We were ready to head out then and DH was ordering Earl of Sandwich from Uber Eats for lunch by the pool. DD7’s picked out their souvenirs - they love their plush puppies, so baby Tramp and a baby Dalmatian were the perfect choices to add to their collection (baby Lady was already waiting at home so DD7 was excited to reunite baby Tramp with her :heart_eyes:. )

With that, we said good-bye to Magic Kingdom! :sleepy:

Back at Pop - Earl of Sandwich was oh so delish. Our family loves a good sandwich and we thoroughly enjoyed EoS. The bread is perfectly crusty on the outside and soft on the inside. Did some swimming and DD’s danced the Twist imitating the giant dancers on the buildings.

Oh! While waiting for the bus from MK to Pop, I checked for last minute Oga’s reservations for the 6 of us- scored one for 7:50 tonight!! I had been looking all week and this time was totally ideal. Couldn’t wait to visit HS one last time.

As we waled into HS, the MMRR queu was empty, but the CM outside was calling people in- it must have just come back online because we walked on. Another bonus ride!! The only attraction we had left to do was TSMM, so we went there next. Fun as always.


DS12 had an appointment to build a droid but at the last minute decided he would rather get robucks (money for rob lox) so CM’s let him cancel his appointment and we did some walking around GE, took some pictures and took in the atmosphere for the last time. The decision about the droid was fine with me, I think while it would have been fun and memorable experience, the droid itself would have ended up as another dust collector, so he got $30 in robucks and saved me $70. OK. :woman_shrugging:

Finally Oga’s Cantina!! We had so much fun. The kids immediately got in the spirit and danced in front of DJ Rex. We each had a fun drink. I got the fuzzy Tauntaun and sipped through my numb lips. The fuzzy part tased funny but the drink itself was delicious.

Good-bye Hollywood Studios, it’s been grand!!


Love your report!

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Thank you! It’s making me relive all the memories of the trip - I started to tear up on that last one!

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Talk about trip goals!! Love your report! It’s exactly how I’m hoping our trip will go in June. RD every morning and relax/park hop in the afternoons. It’s our first ever trip for us all so I hope it goes as well as yours!

How did you like the ground floor room at Pop? I think that’s what we would prefer but I’m worried about it being loud. Does Skyliner and other traffic walk by your room?

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You’ll have a great trip - use the experiences shared here and on the chat and you’ll know what to do, you’ll be ready for a quick change of plans without skipping a beat!

The ground floor was ideal for us- I requested it because I wanted the most convenient access to the skyliner and pools - and while climbing a flight or two of stairs isn’t the worst thing in the world, not having to after walking 20,000 steps a day was really nice! I loved being able to quickly pop back into the room for a drink or snacks from the pool, grab a hat, or whatever. One afternoon we let the kids chill in the room on their electronics while we relaxed at the pool and since I could see the room the whole time I was comfortable with that.

The walkway directly outside the room is typically only used by guests staying in that block of rooms, parallel to that is a line of bushes and then the main public walkway. So we didn’t feel like people were constantly walking directly in front of our room. We were near the kiddie pool as opposed to the bigger pool, so that also helped feel a little more private and less noisy. Actually, we didn’t really felt it was noisy at all. There was one night we could hear laughter from the main pool but it didn’t bother us. If I could make the choice over again I would pick the same rooms :slight_smile:


You have a beautiful family and your trip sounds amazing! Thanks for sharing. I especially appreciate the BB tips. We would like to try out the water parks someday but DD28 wants to be vaccinated first.


Thank you very much! Hope you get to try BB some day.

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Day 9: Animal Kingdom

This day marks the final day of our trip. 4 out of 6 of us were up for one final Rope Drop at our favorite park: AK Started and finished with the best.

A Surprisingly, DD10 chose to sleep in, and she is an EE junkie ;). So, me, DS12 and DD7 twins headed off to catch the bus from Pop. We got to the stop at 6:35 and the first two buses arrived together at 6:53.

My kids know the routine by now and we headed straight to FOP for an easy walk on. We were on and off by 7:44, headed to the Safari and waited a few minutes for it to open at 8am, then hit EEx5, and soaked it all in one last time. We did what we came to accomplish and headed out by 9:45 to spend the rest of our final day at all together at the pool before DME pick up later that afternoon.

I was curious what “Fichwa” meant so I looked it up: hidden - apparently this is the most ironic hidden Mickey in WDW. Fun fact!

See you next time AK :deciduous_tree:


I’m a bit late reading this but I love it! What a special time for you and your girls.

I love this trip report! It looks like you had a wonderful time!


After Thoughts

We’ve been home for two weeks now and have had time reminisce and reflect on the trip. This was the trip we needed after such a long, exhausting, strange year, which is still not over. Even though WDW has its COVID restrictions, nothing seemed to interfere with our vacation and being there brought back the same wonderful feelings and nostalgia that WDW is known for. I didn’t feel like it was any less of an experience. I enjoy a firework show, but not enough to miss the mass exodus afterwards.

Fast pass: We are a family that loves our resort time, so being able to ride all the headliners in the first 2-3 hours and not having to schedule around fp windows gave us more flexibility to “get em done”, enjoy the ambiance of the parks and head out when we wanted. The feeling of walking out of a park feeling like you had the best day, yet the day is still young never gets old for me!

In previous trips I used all my liner tricks to get FP drops, move them around to optimize fp times, get more after the first 3, play late night lotto, grab more when a fp turns
“anytime”, etc , but it kept me busy/distracted and I thoroughly enjoyed not having to think about about all of that.

TP wait times were very accurate, and we optimized our plans a lot on the go and followed it pretty accurately. Most times we were ahead of our TP. We also used the projected wait times for later in the day to pick a sweet spot for a ride that didn’t work out in our plans (Test Track).

I’m so glad Park Hopping was back for our trip. I never even called the PH # as it never seemed necessary, and it wasn’t.

Split stay: I always wanted to try a slip stay for 1: experiencing multiple resorts and 2: planning around where we’d be, for the most part. I would definitely do this again. If (when?) we return, I’d like to try something new. For this trip we did mod/value and while most advise to go up in category, not down, I think it depends on what you are looking to get out of each part of the trip. We enjoyed starting at CSR for the pool and more relaxing/beautiful atmosphere, and it worked well for our selected APR’s (AK) and BB days. Switching to Pop halfway through was exciting and the smaller rooms were not noticeable difference to me. The compact size of Pop overall and our room location was welcomed after the more expansive CSR and multiple days at the parks already. If our resorts were reversed I think we would have minded the inconveniences of CSR due to its size more. (not that we experienced many, but a few trips to the lobby for grocery/uber eats order pick ups / MB issues would have seemed extremely inconvenient later in the trip).

Connecting rooms: For our family size we have limited options for staying on site in one room for a “reasonable” price. We considered a cabin (decided no), AoA suite (would have been fine but not without Big Blue Pool) and renting 2 bedroom DVC points. However, for the huge jump in price from a DVC studio that can fit five to needing a 2 bedroom for just one extra child just frustrated us. So, we went for connecting rooms this time and it worked out great with kids having their own room and two bathrooms, two refigerators (and extra coffee :slight_smile: ). Some day I’ll take a mother/daughter trip and we’ll stay deluxe in a studio.

Offsite vs onsite: We’ve done both multiple times and now I know I 100% prefer on-site for the “bubble” feeling and transportation convenience. In 2018 the six of us stayed in a 2 bedroom villa at WBC (which was a gorgeous resort with great amenities) and even though it was conveniently located, we felt the driving/parking every day was tiring and most evenings we didn’t feel like going back to the parks. We had a much better experience on site relying on Disney transportation and making the most both the resort and parks.

Skyliner: Love love love it!!! It is such a fun and convenient way to travel. Our family loved it and did’t experience any down time or inconveniences other than DH/DS deciding to sleep in one morning and waiting at CBR to transfer, but not a big deal. I hope they plan to expand the SL some day.

Rope Drop: a must! WDW has some power over me where waking up at 5:45 and waiting at a bus stop at 6:30 is totally exhilarating! The buses/SL will get you where you need to be. The walkers to HS and MK didn’t have any advantage over us on the bus/SL except for maybe being able to leave the resort a little later I would say. We made it to every park being in the first group through temp check/taps.

Gift cards: the best thing I did was (secretly, haha) pick up $25-$50 gift cards a couple of times a month for the past year when grocery shopping, etc. These went totally unnoticed and paid off big time for covering our ADR expenses. We had some really good ADR’s (BOG, LTT, Sanaa, SAI, B&C, Sci Fi, Oga’s) and paid for them all with the GC’s and had extra for souvenirs/snacks. It was just nice knowing that it was all prepaid.

Amazon Fresh/Uber eats: These were great for not having to eat out for every meal or to deal with the food courts/QS on the go. We never even went to the food court at CSR or Pop. We had one QS meal at Sieta’s on our first day before our grocery order arrived and a few snacks/QS items at the parks. We ordered some cold cuts, cheeses, pb&J, bread, fruit, yogurts, hard boiled eggs, water, h&h, chips, etc for easy breakfasts on the go and other meals/snacks as needed around our ADR’s. We also placed a few uber eats orders for lunch or dinner to enjoyed them at a table near the pool.

That’s basically it! We thoroughly enjoyed this trip - not a bit less and maybe even a bit more compared to other trips. The kids ages were just perfect! Little ones no longer needing strollers/naps/RS and everyone tall enough and ready to ride everything made it really great.

I love the memories we will always have of this trip.

I need a new distraction though, so I’m getting myself immersed in researching/upgrading our King’s Island season pass to platinum and planning some Cedar Fair “park hopping” this summer, including Hotel Breakers/Cedar Point and Carowinds and maybe Dollywood next year. I’ll be keeping my TP account because this community is fantastic, and I’m looking forward to following along and learning from all of your trips.

See ya real soon!