A NOT Live Trip Report of an Amazing trip! Spring Break, Split Stay, Connecting Rooms, Park Hopping, BB, Skyliner, RoR and all the Good Stuff!

My impression was they want you to be in the vicinity when you check in. It might have even said that on the app, but since we were stuck in the MFSR queue I attempted anyway. I just wish the text said something like “you’re too far away to check in” instead of “thanks for checking in, we’ll notify you via text when your table is ready” :woman_shrugging:

Kids were disappointed when we couldn’t get our table that night but the manager put a note in for “pixie dust” for our Thursday reservation and we got seated in the center of the restaurant in the “stretch limo”


BB looks like so much fun. My DD8 would love it! You’ve convinced me to make time for it on a future trip.


My 7yo also forced me to do Summit Plummet. I have deliberately not gone back to BB since - although on our last Florida trip aged 14 he made me do the trap door slides at Volcano Bay which are possibly worse!


It was a blast - but it oooh it HURTS!! I received two nicely matching black and blues on my bottom for my efforts

AGREED! and I’m skipping it and Slush Gusher this time because they both will bruise you.


made me do the trap door slides at Volcano Bay which are possibly worse!

I think they are differently worse except the straight drop which is the most comparable. The straight drop trap door one, Ko’Okiri Body Plunge I think, was really smooth and MUCH better than Summet Plummit because it does not leave you with bruises. I think the floor dropping out is honestly easier than pushing yourself over a straight ledge of your own volition too. Once I am in the tube there’s only one way out. However, the twisting slides at VB were violent and hurt like the Dickens. Left me with headaches compared to the bruises from Summet Plummit. So I guess it’s a toss up if brain bruises or leg bruises are worse? LOL


Yes it is smoother, the anticipation of the door opening was awful though! I also felt more like I was going to drown on Ko’okiri. Call it a draw. I didn’t find the others violent and they didn’t hurt me at all that I recall.

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To be fair part of it was my fault because I kept my head up and it got thrown back and even though the 2nd one I didn’t do that…I already had the headache.

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None of this sounds like any fun, @jennyturin and @PrincipalTinker… I’m questioning your judgment.




I did three bungees once in a single day including the third highest in the world while DH, DB, and DS abstained because they are wiser than me. DD was too little at the time but she would have done it too. You should definitely not take our advice when we say something is tame. The scares of these slides aren’t what got me; the pain, however…hence the one and done.


Day 6: Epcot!

This room location was ideal, a hop away from the skyliner and pool, and easy walk to gift shop/buses. Being behind the kiddie pool was nice because it felt more private that the main pool area but still close enough to see our rooms from the pool deck for easy back and forth for drinks/snacks, and no stairs.

We got up from our first night at Pop well rested and ready to ride the skyliner to HS on our way to RD Epcot.

We walked on the skyliner to HS at 9:10 while others were already lined up and waiting for the Epcot line to start running at 10. A quick, breezy ride over to HS and 16 minute walk to Epcot via BW got us to the IG by 9:50. This was definitely the way to RD Epcot via skyliner from Pop. We were in the front of the first group to RD Epcot and watched the first arrivals emerge off the skyliner at 10:01.

I went back and forth over what to do first: Test Track or Frozen. We decided to go for Test track out first since we had lunch plans at San Angel Inn so we could hit Norway before that and therefore less back tracking. Well, it didn’t quite work out that way as we arrived at Test track and it was down with no estimated up time. We turned around and headed back to Frozen. We arrived at FEA 10:32 and pretty much walked on.

DH wanted to see some of the exhibits that we hadn’t taken the time to look at on previous trips so after FEA we went inside the Viking Gods museum. We were the only ones in there and it was nice to take our time and look at the artifacts.

We hoofed it back over to test track to see if it was up and running - nope - but there was already a very long line of people waiting for it to start. Mission space waits exploded also because of TT being down, so we bailed on FW. TT was not happening for us today, oh well. We still have another chance tomorrow. On our way back to FW we stopped to check out the Epcot Experience - it was a fun, engaging, exciting little experience that has me wanting to come back to Epcot when it’s all done. The purpose of the ugly barges in the center of the lagoon is revealed in this experience. Go and check it out, it’s nice and cool and dark in there also :slight_smile:

We still had time before our ADR so we went to the Canada Pavilion to watch Canada Far and Wide. I can’t believe I had never been inside this pavilion before. Beautiful, and we enjoyed the 360 degree film.

Next up - Mexico!! It was only 11:50am and our ADR at SAI wasn’t until 12:50, but they let us in the dining reservation back entrance anyway without any issue. The regular line to get into the pavilion was already 45 minutes. Once inside, we waited a few minutes for the Gran Fiesta Tour (the 3 animatronics are still MIA). After that, I asked the hostess if they could seat us early, and within 5 minutes we have a perfect table overlooking the river and the Mayan pyramid. Lunch was delicious.

Years ago (pre-kids) DH and I lived in downtown LA, right across the street from Olvera Street/El Pueblo, and this experience in the pavilion and SAI was very reminiscent of our time there. Very authentic feeling.

The only thing left on our itinerary for the morning was England. Kids got a kick out of the phone booths (very foreign to them apparently) and DD10 admired the beautiful English gardens.

We hopped on the skyliner back to Pop for an afternoon swim/rest.

Tonight I got to spend an evening with my girls at MK with dinner at BOG while DH took DS12 to play laser tag, race go carts and have a boys night. He was due for a “Disney break” and I was ready to spoil my DD’s with an expensive dinner and to close out MK, so it was a win-win!

We were seated in the West Wing and the Beast made 3 separate appearances during our dinner. The girls were intrigued by the portrait of the beast changing during the thunder. My filet was delicious, but I had to coax my DD’s into ordering something other than Mac n cheese. Painting their chip cup was a highlight for them! Overall an experience I’m glad I did with just my daughters. DS and DH had their own fun.

We left Beast’s castle at 8:28 and high tailed it over to BTMRR, then DD7 wanted to ride SM for her very first time. It was 8:50 when we got off BTMRR so we took a chance and booked it over to SM to make it just before close. As we were entering tomorrow land it was 8:58 so we started running to SM (we weren’t the only ones - ha)! We made it into the line at 8:59 and boarded at 9:12. Phew! Closed out MK in the best way!


Love your report, thanks for posting! I have kids similar ages so I’m taking notes - we are going in May postponed also from May 2020!
I was wondering where you got the Disney themed disposable masks? I’ve searched amazon and can’t find them!


Hi@KB42 yay! I’m glad it’s helpful and I hope you have a wonderful time!

I actually did order them on amazon and they worked out so well. It was great to just throw them away after a park and grab a new one. Here are the links:

Kids Disposable Face Mask Mic-key… https://www.amazon.com/dp/B089S178PT?ref=ppx_pop_mob_ap_share

Kids Disposable Face Mask,30 Pcs… https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08KFK2C27?ref=ppx_pop_mob_ap_share


So glad you got time with DD’s. This would be great our next trip. Where did you send DH & DS to ride go karts?

@KB42 there used to be an option on the first link to select the mickey and Minnie ones but looks like it changed, could be out of stock right now.

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@wolfpackfam they took an Uber to Andretti Indoor Karting & Games. My DH said it was definitely “not Disney” but they did have a really great time. https://andrettikarting.com/orlando/

Day 7: Hollywood Studios

Only myself and DD’s wanted to rope drop today - but that’s ok! We wanted to hit ToT and RnRC which DS12 doesn’t like anyway, so he and DH slept in and met up with us a little later.

We got to the skyliner station at 6:52 and were the 7th group in line. I thought our chances of bypassing the CBR line were pretty good. We ate our breakfast while waiting and at 7am tried for another RoR BG. Fail!! But instead of getting the red warning “queue is full” I got a message “something went wrong” Oh well, fortunately we had ridden it on Monday and I will try again at 1pm. Others in the SL line got the same error message, I didn’t hear any excitement so I don’t think anyone in line got a BG that morning.

Got on the SL at 7:40 and when we got to the CBR station, were guided to one of the floor markings at the front of the HS line. I noticed there were 8 markings, so that must be why 8 is the magic number if you are one of the first from Pop to skip the CBR line.

We got off the HS SL at 7:54 but DD’s had to go to the bathroom. I noticed buses hadn’t arrived yet and only the left side temp check tent was open, so I figured we had time to go to the bathroom and get back in line when the right sided temp checks opened. This worked out perfectly. We finished up at the bathrooms as buses were arriving and the right side temp check opened, we were probably the 6th group in line and walking on Hollywood Blvd at 8:14

ToT wasn’t running yet, so we went straight to RnRC and rode it 2x in a row complete walk on. DD’s absolutely loved it and wanted to ride it a 3rd time (was still all on) but we decided at that point to check on ToT, and it was running.

The wait for ToT was already 20 minutes. We ran into DD10 's BFF and family from home as we were making our way towards the end of the line so DD10 hopped in line with them got to ride ToT with her BFF. They were a few groups ahead of us so we met up with them afterwards. I shared the tip with them about the parks opening up 45 minutes early (they had no idea) and they really made it work for them. They were staying at SoG.

After ToT, DD’s and I went to get a popcorn refill and ice cream and sat at a table outside the Hollywood Brown Derby while waiting for DH and DS12 to arrive. For DH/DS12’s trip on the SL, they got to the CBR station at around 9:30 and had to wait about 20 minutes to transfer. After they arrived, we went over to Lightening McQueen’s racing Academy, waited through 2 shows (about 20 minutes) before we were seated. This isn’t a must do, but we liked it.

After that we went to see the Vacation Fun shorts - cute!!! and then checked in for lunch at Sci Fi!! We made sure we were in the courtyard this time :wink:

DS12 was looking forward to this all week. We got seated in the “stretch limo” in the center of the restaurant. We had shakes, burgers, fries and the fried pickles for an appetizer. Yummy!!

As we were finishing up, it was approaching 1pm. I got my phone ready to try for a BG with the pull down and hold method. I let go exactly at 1pm and got BG 169. Return time would have been late, and we were heading to Epcot that evening. Surprisingly, DS12 didn’t care if we did it again since “he already knew what happened” so I cancelled it. :woman_shrugging:

Sci Fi was definitely the strictest about wearing masks until drinks arrive and made a point to remind us as we were seated, which I didn’t mind at all. When we were leaving though, I honestly forgot to put my mask back on and one of the waiters scooted me aside as another family was entering and shielded me from the manager’s line of sight while I looked for my mask and put it back on. Oops! CM realized I had just forgotten and of course wanted to enforce the policy and not get anyone in trouble.

Headed back to Pop on the SL and decided to check out the progress of the Big Blue Pool at AoA - looks like it is finishing up and getting ready to reopen. DD7 twins and I stayed here in the LM rooms in 2019 and they remembered how much fun they had at this pool.

Back to Pop to hit the pools! One of the things I love about staying at Disney resorts are the afternoon pool games!! Even though we were at the pools just about every afternoon, I only saw it happening once. We all enjoyed Disney trivia and DD10 had a blast dancing the “cotton eyed Joe”

I was watching the Lines app to try again for an attempt to ride TT, and it looked there was quite a lull in wait times around 6pm, so we hopped over to Epcot and finally got to ride! We waited about 15 minutes, which was great. Then walked on MS (green) and traveled around the WS, visiting China (loved their film!!), Italy, and America pavilions.

Rode the SL back to Pop at 8:20. We really were loving the SL - so fun seeing everything from above. We didn’t experience any down time and except for DH’s trip to HS mid morning, always walked on even through transfers.


I love your trip report! Thank you for all the details. Our last trip in Nov. 2017 was great and we can’t wait to go back. We didn’t get to do our June 2020 trip obviously so we are more than ready to go back.

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Thank you @wdwcelcllctr! Let me know if you have any questions. I hope you get to go back soon!

Loving your trip report! I have 3 DDs and one DS too! :slight_smile: Looking forward to the rest!

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these boys will make great husbands one day :heart_eyes:

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