A Musical Dream Birthday Trip Report

My tweet may have helped!! We have a time!! (Probably not really my tweet asking why they were running buses to the parks that did not have EMH but not the park with EMH…but I can pretend!)


On the bus and on my way!!!

In perfect irony - or an attempt to make me feel at home - as soon as we loaded and pulled out, a second AK bus pulled right in.


Enjoying your posts! Great pics. Happy Birthday!


Have a good day! Thanks for the “on the ground” trip report!


Enjoy the rhino tour! Sounds amazing!


Breakfast has been awesome!!


Rhinos was AMAZING!!!

We got to pet Kiama and then see her mom Kendi who is learning some behaviors.

Rhinos are such cool animals!!!

In the single rider line at Everest now. Later is FP+ for FOP and then we shall see. AK is definitely the most crowded of any of the parks so far.


Happy Birthday! Sounds great!


It has the highest crowd levels for my August trip too.

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That’s so awesome!!

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I’m not sure why this is, but for some reason, AK always feels the most packed to me, even on a not-insane-CL day.

But omg rhinos!!!


I totally felt like that scene in Jurassic Park when Ellie meets the triceratops for the first time!


Some pics from today…


Mouth watering at those churros and poutine. So yummy!

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Hey, you found the handprints. I actually saw them for the first this year.


Yeah, I saw them the first time in August!

This was my first time walking up stairs to get to my banshee!


Morning all!

OMG the drama. I got back to the resort around 6ish. No letter from DCL about my pick-up. Walked to the front desk (because we all know the button goes to an off-site center). The CM had the gir next to her help try to pull it up, but it was not populating. She made a note to have it sent to my room. Waited and waited. Nothing. Around 10:30 I went back to the front desk because no letter (I had texted my TA and she verified I DID have transfers from Music). That CM could not pull it up but manager was able to.

Pick up at noon, be there by 11:45, luggage around 8.

Fast forward to 6:15 this morning when luggage assistance called to verify my 6:30 luggage pick-up for check out! Uh, NO. He is all confused as there is a note about that in my file. (This is the second time I have had a weird note in my file resulting in an early morning call about checking out after visiting the desk about something. Definitely emailing the manager at the email on the letter they put on the bed on check-in day.) I explained I was going on a cruise and taking the bus from here and he wanted to know what time that pick up for luggage was. I said “Don’t worry about it. It is carry-on size. I will just take it myself.”

Called the number on the DCL bus pick-up in a panic and on the verge of tears. Spoke with a super nice and calming CM named Brittany who clearly saw it on my reservation and then pulled the list for Music to make sure I was showing on there. I am, and she verified all the info - noon pick-up (I knew the 10am the girl last night said was “usual” was way too early), and info about luggage pick-up. Calmed me way down.

Juan from luggage assistance called back to check about when I wanted my luggage pick-up and apologize for the other call. He was CLUELESS about the cruise bus luggage timing, so I reiterated that I will just take it myself.

I will likely head over to the main building around 9:30 and just read in the lobby. Just to make sure. This was such a smooth and easy process at AoA in February! Not sure how it is so screwed up at Music! Makes me wish I had done the fake flight at MCO and taken the bus from there.

Hopefully I’ll be on that beautiful ship today!!


What a mess! Hopefully it will all go smoothly for you - I’m sure it will.


Fingers crossed!!


Love reading your trip report. Hope all the glitches are fixed and you have a wonderful cruise