A little help determining plan(s)

Hi All,

First off, I did read the sticky post Making Optimized Personalized Touring Plans with FPP+, and it has definitely helped me wrap my head around using the site and the plans.

Unfortunately, I still need a bit more help to get me started :frowning:

Some Facts about Me:

  • long time WDW visitor, over 20 plus trips since 1971!
  • last visit was 2011 - no kids
  • staying onsite (Dolphin)
  • using WDW Transportation
  • have a 6 yo daughter, her first visit!
  • have NO problem getting up at 6am and being first at the park, aka starting early
  • have watched a bunch of TP.com youtube videos regarding using the plans (very informative!)
  • trip is 46 days away
  • 8 days
  • Have already picked which park to visit each day, we have no park hopper, choices are based on EMH and what the wife wanted to do :slight_smile:
  • Want to spend 2 days each in MK, E, and AK. Only 1 in HS. Last day is the free choice day.
  • only have 3 sit down meals (2 D, 1 B) already set

What I need to Know:

  • I already signed up for all our FPP+, without considering any of the plans (whoops), and just starting with day 1, and plugging in my FPP+, it seems they weren’t the best choices. Should I scrap what I have and start over, using the plan as the guiide?
  • I feel like I should start with the prebuilt 2 day plans (per park, except HS), is that wise?
  • getting messed up with day 1, MK, since we will probably not get to the park till noon, due to travel.

So, I guess I am looking for some tips on where to get started, as far as picking my plans and tuning them. Appreciate any advice.


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The 2 day plans are probably a good start. I would put the rides from each plan into a personalized touring plan. Then take a look at all of the attractions to see if there are any you want to take out. Once you have a list you are happy with on a given day I would optimize the plan to see what your wait times are and what the plan suggests for fastpasses. You could then look to see if it is possible to modify your already selected fastpasses. When you have your fastpasses firmed up, input that into the touring plan and optimize again. You can always move things around and hit evaluate if you don’t like the order.

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Oh! And don’t delete any fastpasses until you have a new plan in mind. You don’t want to lose a hard to get one by being hasty.

FPP can serve two purposes:
-Making sure you get to ride a very busy ride
-Making sure you ride your most important ride

I usually do a variation of both. For example, Jungle Cruise can be easy to ride without a FPP BUT my BF loves JC and absolutely want to ride it. So I would grab a FPP for that before the trip.

Another example: one of my plans recommand a FPP for Haunted Mansion. I like HM, but I have had good luck finding FPP the day of for HM and I will not be that sad if I don’t get to ride it.

So if seeing one of the princesses is extremely important for your daughter (or riding pirates or meeting Mickey Mouse or riding Dumbo when the day starts), I would make sure to get a FPP for that at the most convenient time.

The most important part of going to Disney World is to have fun.


OK, this has all been helpful, thanks both you!

I would definitely NOT let go of FP’s for FoP, SDD, 7DMT, and maybe FEA. You probably won’t be able to rebook those at all. Other FPP’s you might look at availability and come up with a plan and then roll the dice. Most of them can be had less than a week away.

The most important thing to consider is not whether you are making the best possible use of your FPPs, but rather whether you are doing everything you want to do in a reasonable time frame. If you are, then great, there is no real reason to scrap and re-do your plans. But if you are not, or you have a huge wait that you would prefer to avoid, then you might want to do some re-planning.

There are some great posts here on the best ways to search for better FPP reservations in MDE and swap them out for existing ones - I can’t find them right now, but perhaps someone else can chime in with them.

here’s @OBNurseNH’s crowning glory - she’s the goddess of the doctrine of modify, modify, modify around here.

much of that also works for changing attractions.

Blushing. :slight_smile:

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deservedly so. :heart:

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Just to get a little clarification, are the FPPs that you booked not in the parks you were originally planning to attend that day? Or are they just inconveniently timed within the planned parks?

The FPPs are in the correct parks, but they were only picked by attraction desire without any concern for touring plans, as I made them before investigating plans.

Ok, I have digested everyone’s advice, I especially like OBNurseNH’s method, which I hope to try out, as i think it will help bridge the gap between my daughter and I wanting to follow a touring plan, and my wife wanting to just be all laissez faire" :slight_smile:
So I have picked TPs, adjusted my FPPs and I guess Im good to go.
I do think the TP is wrong about Slinky and Alien Spin wait times, but Ill revisit middle of July.
Also, we have no FPPs for FOP, but my daughter and I are prepared to go before RD one morning to ride it, while Mom sleeeeeeps :slight_smile:

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You can be certain of it. Right now, those are “best guess” based upon the opening data from FoP and NRJ. Until TSL opens and there is actual data, it’s only marginally better than a WAG. I don’t know how long after TSL opening you’re headed there, but, I would expect that the standby wait times will be extraordinarily long - esp. given you’re within your FP window already.

No question they are wrong - there were as thread or two about it a few weeks ago. The impression that I got was they were using some kind of logic around ride type, and there was nothing that applied an increased wait time factor because it was new.
I really wish they would change that. it was the same with FOP - even after it opened the future wait times were way to low. 4 months after they opened and it was only about a week before my trip that the times updated to ‘reality’

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