A linking accounts on MDE question

I’m sure this is straightforward but I’m worried about messing it up.

I have an MDE account for me and DS14 (and DH but he won’t be on the trip). My dad has an MDE account for him and my mum, but it’s not entirely uncomplicated as he set it up last year when they were offsite using the name my mum has always been called, and this year they are onsite and had to book using the name on her passport which is her legal name. I think when they linked the trip they linked the 2 names together though.

Do I just request to add my dad to my friends and family list, and then I’ll be able to make FPs for all 4 of us? Do I need to do anything with my mum?

I’m also considering letting DS set up his own MDE in case he wants to go off on his own sometimes. Is that exactly the same deal, he just requests me and my dad? My mum doesn’t even have a smart phone so she doesn’t need her own :joy:


I’m not positive about your mom and dad, so I’ll leave that one alone.

Last time we went to the world I set up an MDE under my account for my niece. As the trip approached we decided it would be better for her to manage her account separately. It was a seamless transition so switch control of the account to her and since she and I were friends even after she accepted the invitation and separated her MDE, we could still help make arrangements for each other.

Here’s how: Sign in on a browser, and then go to family and friends. “Update” his profile, and then “invite to connect.” You’ll enter his email address and then you can still control his MDE until he accepts the invitation.

Sorry I can’t be more help with your folks. If I had to guess, I’d say you’ll need to add both of them separately. Just a guess though.


That’s helpful, thanks. I probably won’t do his until just before the trip since I can already make FPs for him and I don’t want him to have access for too long and start messing with them :joy:

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That’s a more complicated question than it sounds like.

First, about accessing both your mum and dad.

If they have a single account, owned by your dad, with your mum as a non-account-holding guest, you will need to do the “friend request” thing with your dad, and probably need to call Disney IT to get access to your mum. Your dad will also probably need to be present for that call. If you can get your dad to invite your mum to create her own account, even if she rarely-or-never uses it, then you will be able to “Friend request” her and get access to her far more easily.

As for your DS, I would probably get him an “invitation to MDE” sooner rather than later, just to make sure that he is properly connected to everyone. Same principles as above apply.

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In all of these, it’s far easier to start the new account(s) by going into their existing persona in a F&F list and using the “Invite to MDE” link, so that it will maintain their linked reservations, FPs, and MBs.

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Urgh. I don’t want it to be complicated!! I’m going over there later so if things are going well I’ll try to sort it out then.


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