A Frozen Holiday Wish

I’ve never attended a party before and am trying to make my first TP for one. TP lists this show at 6:15 and 8:15 however the map I’ve seen only lists one show at 8:15. Can anyone confirm?

They usually do it twice. At both times. That was last year. So not sure if they have changed schedule

As I understand it, A Frozen Holiday Wish happens every night at MK, but I think they do it twice on party nights. The 615 one is to accommodate guests who are leaving the park & do not have a party ticket.

Thanks, I’m guessing the 815 will be less crowded?

I would assume that it would be, since the 615 lighting on a party night will include both day guests and party guests, but the 815 show would only include party guests who have wristbands. However, depending on how busy the party is that night - if it’s a sold out party - it may be busy no matter what.

Yeah, pretty much, lol! thanks