A few questions

Is there a character spot for HP, my daughter would love to meet a few?
Is there a climbing wall…I’ve heard very little talk about it. What is it like? Where is it?
Thanks, 2 weeks left. I’m getting excited.

I looked around online and could only find really old pics of a rock climbing wall. The most recent was March or May of 2015. Maybe it used to be there, but has moved? There is no reference to it on their official website.
Found this on Kenny the Pirate’s site:

No HP meet and greet. I heard J.K. Rowling actually forbid such a thing, but that could be rumor.

Darn, OK thanks. I really hate no meet and greet for the HP characters.
another question…Is there a detailed map somewhere that I can get before getting to the gates?

Download uni app it has interactive map with everything on it. Very good for getting idea of wher everything is. You can meet bus conductor ( stan) and we met train conductor also. Climbing wall is between mummy and DA very small you climb a building wall and was $5 at Easter… All wwohp tms are in character the staff in weasley shop are amazing and will spend loads of time with you. Download the free wwihp e book from tp website its really good.

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OMG! You are awesome. I’ll download the app. A small wall is fine. I’ll find it and if daughter thinks its too small we will keep moving, but at least I tried.