A&E returning to epcot?

Interesting article on adding A&E back to Norway in addition to MK. Still just a rumor for now...


I wonder if Disney's doing some sort of forced reconstructive surgery on new hires, to get enough A&E look-alikes to spread around the park.

Hey, Steve, welcome to the Transportation department here at Walt Disney Company. We'll be starting the orientation and vehicle safety training shortly. Say, did anyone ever tell you that you have really high cheekbones?


Please let there be FPP for this location, too!

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Too Funny @len .... Pretty soon it'll be a sea of Anna's and Elsa's lol.

Any guesses as to whether they will meet together or somewhat separate as they do now in MK?

Anyone know what the status is for the paper fp tests for A&E at MK? Is is ongoing? Will it be implemented? Is it over?

Also, not that this is definitive evidence or anything, but as a "look-see" approach, I tried to change my FPPs for Sept 28 and Maelstrom does not show up as an option. Surely Maelstrom can't be completely out of FPPs at this early date? Sept 28 a crowd level 2 day at Epcot. Which lends at least a modicum of credence to the "Maelstrom-to-Frozen-Ride" aspect of the story. I then tried to get a Maelstrom FPP for today & they are still available (it's noon as I write this) for this evening.

Hmmmmm.... not happy about this...

The article I read said the initial test was only for a few days but haven't seen any follow-ups. I hope the refurb starts that soon so that it might be done by our trip in December. But I also recall an issue with FPP for that ride in late August a few months ago and then suddenly one day it just showed up as available again, so who knows.

I'm afraid to re-enter my FPPs for Sept 28 (last day of my trip), because I have exactly what I want, but Maelstrom is not an option given to change to. Maelstrom does show as an option as late as Sept 25 (1st day of my trip, but getting in late). Going to monitor this for awhile, but if anyone else has info on Sept 28 & beyond, I'm interested.

Soon they will be in every park. I wonder how they are going to incorporate them into FoTLK? LOL!

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Probably like this...